1. E


    Im not sure I’m correct in saying this but my sun conures breath stinks. Im usually chill with him just “grooming” my nose and mouth area but now everytime he gets close I just cant stand the smell. Now it could just be him because he refuses all bathing options besides his food bowl …. while...
  2. Beebee0221

    Won’t bathe (beebee)

    Hi there! My male CWP does not like to bathe. I’ve tried several methods and they all seem to tick him right off. I know I could mist him, but don’t want to break his trust. I’ve tried talking him into the shower (away from the water Stream) and he screams. I’ve also tried water bowls, and the...
  3. S

    Baby ringnecks and BATHING!

    Hey! I have two baby IRN's who are a month old. So I know I'm not supposed to give them a shower but at what age exactly can I give them a shower because they're starting to stink and their feathers are starting to have a weird texture to them. Also, there's no proper info about it anywhere :(...
  4. L

    Male pineapple conures frighten when showering

    Hi all, I’ve grown up with parakeets cockatiels and finches and this is my first time with pineapple conures. The oldest is 1 year the youngest is almost 9 months both are DNA tested both males. Lately what has been happening is the youngest will shower and the older one will try to go next and...
  5. S

    first bath?

    hi i have a 5 week old alex, i wasnt planning on handraising but "yoshi" was neglected and kicked out of nesting box. i have handraised ringnecks, lorri's and conures before, but this is so different. everything is going well, yoshi is growing, putting on wieght and gaining many feathers. but...
  6. S

    Cockatiel Flew into Sink Dishes with Oil

    Hello Fellow Cockatiel Owners! One of our birds got chilling on her perch and got spooked when she heard something fall in the other room. She flew and landed in our kitchen sink, into a cooking dish that was soaking, but had some olive oil residue in it. Does anyone have any advice as to other...
  7. Jayson_Black

    How young to start Shallow Bathing Baby Eclectus?

    Hi all. Day 23 with our baby Eclectus. All seems well, except there is a small amount of dry poop building up around the baby's butt. It's not too bad, but I am concerned if I don't act now it may become a problem in the future. The other day I tried using damp paper towel at 40c (104F) but...
  8. B

    Shower vs Bath?

    It is my understanding that water helps my juvenile conure through the molting process, especially with the 1st molt as that is the biggest one. So I have been putting her in the sink and giving her a shower. She seems to like it as she never moves when the water is on her. I assumed that if...
  9. M

    Mango hates the bath :(

    From the first time I got Mango, he has absolutely HATED bath time. I try to give him one every 2-3 days but he still hates it. I’ve tried sprinkling water gently on him, making him a little bird bath in a glass bowl, leaving a small bath in his cage, nothing works. And then I have to...
  10. D

    My Amazon Won't Bathe?

    I've been having issues with my 5-6-year-old Amazon taking his first bath. He's only been home a week, so I tried to give him time to warm up to his surroundings, but bathing has proven to be impossible. I did a ton of research on bathing parrots to see what would work. I tried misting him with...
  11. Z

    Zazu won't preen

    Hello, This might be stupid, I'm not sure, but I am slightly concerned. My new sun conure Zazu won't preen himself. He won't bathe either. And now his feathers are all disheveled and look terrible. Is this normal? Could it be because he is still settling in? Otherwise, he eats and drinks and...
  12. Billdore

    What temperature for showering?

    This is probably a dumb question but what temperature should the water be for the bath and for the shower? Is it ok to have Timneh in bathroom while I soap down and stuff? Going to be putting perches pretty much everywhere. What does everyone use to weigh your fids? I have a nice scale but...
  13. Y

    Introducing Bath time?

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone knew the best way to introduce bathing to my Ducorps Cockatoo? I have tried spray bottles but it scares the daylights out of him! and When I try to show him the sink and bath tub he refuses to leave my shoulder, any ideas?
  14. P

    Plucking Questions

    I know there are a ton of these threads, but I have some specific questions regarding my 'toos. Bird, my triton, came to me in 2011 as a plucker, but never plucked while he was with me until recently. We did move in December but he didn't start plucking again until April-May. Chula, my...
  15. C

    Bathing and perch problems

    So I have Sam a bath yesterday when I got done showering, we have a shower perch that the other birds use. I had read that cockatoos love strutting and dancing when showering, which he did but it seemed like he wasn't able to fully do as much as he wanted on the perch. So I was thinking about...
  16. Tupelo

    How often do you shower your bird?

    I've been given mixed information, and am curious as to how often you bathe your bird. Does it vary by species? Do you take him/her in the bath, or do you use a spray?
  17. I

    Agressive Amazon Parrot

    I've recently adopted an amazon parrot with some aggression issues. He is at least 14 years old and has had two owners before me. I got him from someone that kept him at a dog grooming shop as a sort of entertainment for her customers. At the shop there is always some sort of commotion going...