first bath?


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Oct 2, 2020
i have a 5 week old alex, i wasnt planning on handraising but "yoshi" was neglected and kicked out of nesting box.
i have handraised ringnecks, lorri's and conures before, but this is so different. everything is going well, yoshi is growing, putting on wieght and gaining many feathers.
but today we had a messy feed, i used a damp cloth but wasnt able to get everything, i think i was being too gentle if thats is a thing.
i was wandering if you guys could help me out with what age would be acceptable to bathe yoshi in a shallow warm bath
thank you heaps:)


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Jul 10, 2015
Western, Michigan
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Introduction of bathing water can create a Parrot that loves bathing or not at all!

Consider getting a misting bottle, set the head to the widest /softest setting and mist into the air above your Parrot, allowing the mist to settle softly down on your Parrot. The goal is to duplicate a natural falling mist. NEVER spray your Parrot directly in the face!!! As the joy of the mist increases, increase the misting time!

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