1. Rico_Tiel

    Expressive birdies

    So, I’ve noticed how expressive our feathered gremlins are, especially my own, and it’s so funny to me. They literally have little eyebrows and it looks like they can smile or frown, it’s so funny and interesting! Let’s see some pictures of your feathered gremlins and goblins giving their...
  2. Rico_Tiel

    Rico’s thread

    This is a thread mainly for pictures of Rico! Side eye Smiling for the sick hooman (I’m fine now) I popped a can open, aaaand he flew over to steal some. He doesn’t know how to take from the can, so he sat there waiting for me to grab a chip so he could snatch it.
  3. Rico_Tiel

    Describe your bird(s) in three emojis!

    I’ll start! You can add a photo too if ya want! Rico: ☮️🥰👺 (He’s either super angry or super peaceful. no inbetweensies.) Cricket: 👹🍽️🤺 (She is a hungry little gremlin and the only thing on her mind is war and violence.)
  4. RedPanda560

    Small update on my girl Naumri

    Shes been settling in very well! I was very worried at first since it was my first experience owning a bird (ive had pets my whole life, just not birds), but ive done many hours of research and i feel like ive been making tons of progress. Shes now comfortable with me picking her up and doing...
  5. Rico_Tiel

    Soggy chimkem

    Look at him!
  6. Rico_Tiel

    What is your parrot’s favorite color?

    I recently discovered Rico’s favorite color is baby pink and he seems to like blue and purples. So, this leads me to this question! What is your bird’s favorite color? If you bird doesn’t seem to have one, how about a least favorite? Rico hates red. No clue why, he just seems to not like it...
  7. Rico_Tiel

    Lemme see ya favorite pics of your birbies 👁️👄👁️

  8. Rico_Tiel

    Things I wish I knew before getting a 'Tiel

    1. how dramatic they are! he is a little drama queen and I love it lmao 2. how DUSTY they are! I knew it was a factor BUT I underestimated how dusty they truly are! thankfully I'm not allergic to it but my immunity to smoke, chemically scents, strong smells, etc. plummeted over the 3 years I...
  9. Rico_Tiel

    I am super bored and would love to know what are some of the greatest things your birds have done?

    for me, being an amazing eater! he is willing to try new foods if I make it look yummy! or him being there for me when no one else was. or when he helped me through a breakup with a vile guy. the dude was a manipulator, gas lighter, a very... hmm... let's just say creepy guy with few...
  10. My bird

    My bird

    this is my bird at a local parrot cafe also I am looking for a way to connect two cages together because I have a spare cage.
  11. 20211013_235439.jpg


    When mom catches you getting mango-faced. "Whatcha doin'?"