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    Online antibiotics?

    My bird (sun conure) has been showing some signs of respiratory issues (weird noise when he breaths) and is now having watery stools, i am unble to take him to the vet right now is there any broad antibiotics i can buy online that is safe and can help him?
  2. F

    Parrotlet respiratory issue

    I recently got a parrotlet around 5 months ago, and she has been fine but recently I have noticed that while she is a resting or napping you can visibly see her breathing, you cannot really see it when she is completely asleep with her head in her back. I recently lost a bird to a veterinarian...
  3. K

    Lovebird heavy breathing?

    Hi, my lovebird was making noises when he was breathing (kind of sounded like a fart), and perching himself with his belly lower. He is able to eat and drink and perch, but because of covid-19 all my local vets aren't taking birds that aren't actively dying right then and there. After coming...
  4. J

    Green Cheeked Conure Exhaling Oddly

    My GCC is about 6 months old and has recently started exhaling kind of oddly. He will exhale similarly to a very small cough or as if he has something in his throat. Is this normal? This is my first bird and I just want to make sure everything is okay. Thanks!:gcc:
  5. B

    Really Worried...Panting Baby Green Cheek (Video included).

    I recently bought a baby turquoise gcc. he's still living at the parrot store for now but his take home date will be next week. he's been panting a lot every time I've gone to see him and I'm really worried! Is this normal or do you think he could be sick? he's clipped, so this happens when he's...
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    HELP please!! Urgent! Emergency at 12am!

    My bird looks like he's choking!!!! His vet appointment was for tomorrow because he had anemia (or rather still has it) for a few months and I was going to take him in for major tests. But now he's stretching his neck up high and breathing heavy and yawning nonstop!!!! He looks like he can't...
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    Abnormal breathing

    Hi guys, Kiki my lovebird has been having trouble with breathing lately, it is heavy and her tail bobs. She also gets nasal discharge and sometimes 'clicks' when she breathes. We changed her preening material she uses to make a nest with as we thought the dust was causing this, but just now i...
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    Catalina Macaw breathing heavily.

    We own a rescue and rehome bird store and one of our Macaws has started breathing very heavily lately and coughed up some white foam looking stuff. We have been cleaning the store out and moving things around a lot and bird dust has been flying through the air from moving things where the dust...