1. KingTiel

    Cockatiel Mutation?

    Anyone have any solid guesses into what mutation Snowy may be? Excuse the pink tail, its from his/her favourite perch. Quite a white chest and belly, White along the sides of each wing and then a light grey for the rest of the top half of its body. Thanks everyone!
  2. M

    Got an egg, been looking forward to raising the newborn chicks! But I have some questions.

    Hello! I was super excited today when I checked on a cage that has three conures in it to find out one of the females laid an egg (hopefully the first of several)! The cage has 2 females and 1 male (the male is the brother of one of the two females in the cage). The female that is not his...
  3. Zhin

    Love Bird breeding advice

    Hi, Have a Fischer yellow with red beak and recently got a green Fischer female, however male has no interest in this female and attacks. However, He is fine with my peachface yellow (his name is Naughty). i have now not let him see Naughty, although i do let him see him sometimes during...
  4. M

    New To breeding ! Purchased my first breeding pair

    Hey guys nice to meet use ive been doing my research for a week now getting tips to keep my pair healthy and stay breeding.. here is my set up i also have questions to ask... (Wild pair ) +7 years of age. Can I have more than 1 pair in my avairy without a visual barrier? Just 2 nest box one on...
  5. M

    thinking about breeding my 2 parakeets :)

    do u guys think its a good idea? my 2, snowy (almost 2 year old female) and daisy (2 year old male) see bonded and daisy always sings near snowy and feeds her. they don't go anywhere without eachother i have 0 experience breeding budgies so i have these questions: - is it a good idea? are the...
  6. S

    Help Alexandrian that don't leave the nest

    Hello every one this is my first post here and i'm looking for help i've pair of alexandrine parrots they are not tamed, how ever male can accept to take food from hand when there is no nest attached to the cadge the problem is that the male doesn't leave the nest at all only leave it for...
  7. B

    Breeding Pair

    I recently purchased a breeding pair (Proven) of Black Capped Conures. They, as expected, are far from friendly (quite wild) but have decided not to enter breeding mode at all. When I purchased them they were, apparently, getting quite ready to breed, but ever since I have brought them home...
  8. J

    Juliette's Search for the right parrot

    so as some of you may know , i visited the pet shop today , and instead of a conure , blue fronted amazon , or eclectus , i fell inlove with a chattering lory here in brazil they are called , loris amor amor , he was screaming for my attention , and even stepped up onto my hand , the breeder...
  9. M

    how to breed alexandrines

    Hello everyone i am trying to breed my alexandrines 4 years old and they are in a large cage please can some one tell me on how to setup and breed them birds. is there anything to do with temperature? anything to do with foods? when is the season? how do i get them to breed? thanks
  10. W

    Parrot Identification

    Hello everyone. My name is Christina. As I explained in my introduction, for those who haven't seen it, my in-laws rescued a parrot today. We have zero knowledge of birds and in order to learn everything we can about "him", I suppose the first step will be identification of exactly what species...