budgie baby

  1. L

    Budgie keeps chewing foot tag

    Hey guys! I have a 9 week old baby budgie (first bird) and I've noticed he tries to chew off his little foot tag. I don't think he'll get any bigger (already fairly big for a budgie imo) and was wondering if it would be better to just take it off? The reason im asking is because I've read it...
  2. J

    Baby budgie from local pet store - need help!

    Howdy! So I have three budgies, the first two were relatively young when I got them and have been a breeze to bond with, however, I just took home a new budgie today, Casper. She looked fine when I saw her, but younger than the others. Now I'm noticing things. For one, she struggles to perch on...
  3. N

    Rescue Budgie

    Hey Everyone i am new here and hoping i can learn from you all as I today came home with a rescue budgie i normally rescue wild birds. This tiny albino budgie was in a garden centre that i happened to be in and i noticed her she was tiny compared with the other budgies. Her flight feathers on...
  4. Midnightstarian

    Wing flapping no flying?

    My budgie Tinker is Flapping his wings on the perch but he isn't flying. and he can't fly given the pet store clipped his wings so short he can't even glide. I'm not happy about that but there growing back. He is just sorta sitting there chirping and then screams and flaps his wings I assume...
  5. Midnightstarian

    The morning grumps

    So in the early morning around 8 i uncover my Budgies cage and he is very friendly he enjoys cuddles and is super curious he likes to step up and come hang out in the afternoons outside of the cage and is adapting good. Accept one problem he has what iv'e named the morning grumps He hates...
  6. Midnightstarian

    Clicker training question

    So i'm confused someone on Facebook claimed i shouldn't show my bird the clicker and the sound (first) then continue give him the treat. And that quote i should: By using the clicker before the action and then switching later to indicating that he did it will confuse him. I don't really trust...
  7. Midnightstarian

    Foot band? budgie

    So when i had got my budgie i didn't notice until i was in the car that someone had placed one of those foot bands on him and i'm sure that's normal as i see people doing it with baby birds. But i'm wondering as he grows if that's something i need to call the vet on and have them take of or...
  8. Midnightstarian

    Male or female?

    I have a budgie who the pet store claims to be 8 weeks they told me it can't be sexed this young. I joined a facebook group and they told me the budgie cant be sexed this young. Now i'm confused and i don't think i trust either group so iv'e come here sense i feel like a lot of here people have...
  9. Midnightstarian

    Budgie body language question/itching?

    Hello i had ventured to the pet store to get my first bird a budgie I was told he is 8 weeks old and they had just got them in as a shipment. So my little budgie has been home for about Two days already he started chirping on occasion around the second day of him being home. When i go in to...
  10. A

    What should I name my new parakeet?

  11. S

    The hatching!

    Kaneki (Albino Female Budgiegar) Jack (Cobalt SF Yellow Face II Recessive Pied Male Budgiegar) The first of 8 eggs has hatched!