1. S

    Preparing perches for budgies?

    Yesterday I went to the Dandenong ranges and there was a little area where you could sit down and look into the forest. I was looking around and I saw a fallen over gum tree, so I snapped some sticks and branches off for my budgies. The branches have little areas with black spots that scrape...
  2. T

    Is this a boy or a girl?

    I've recently purchased a new budgie, do you think it is a boy or a girl?
  3. veimar

    Can anyone help with identifying the gender?

    I know it's very early to tell. They are 6 weeks old siblings and their ceres look identical. Both have purple ceres with lighter rings around their nostrils. So what do you think - are they boys or girls? Or different? I somehow feel they are boy and girl (the worst case), but I'm not sure of...
  4. veimar

    Baby budgies not eating - quick help needed!!

    Hi, I got two very young 1,5 mo old budgies today and just brought them home and put in their cage. They are not tame and are unclipped. They are very scared of me and are not eating or drinking. It makes me very worried. The breeder said they are fully weaned and were eating normal parakeet...
  5. My Budgies

    My Budgies

    Some pictures of my budgie family
  6. greenthii

    Budgie and shoes

    Hello everyone! My one year old budgie Thaii, has been interested in one of my old shoes and tries to go in and out of it. She has a mate, named Dexter and he is also 1yr+. I only took the shoe to give to my Boyfriend's tiel since I'm birdsitting him, and he LOVES shoes, feet, and socks. c...
  7. greenthii

    Needing help training my older budgie.

    Hello, I'm new here so don't mind my inexperience on this forum (> - <) I got my male budgie (fully grown) from a pet store last year, around fall and I want some tips of how to train him! I don't know his exact age, but his nose was fully blue, and he was a chubby boy. x: (Guessing 1 1/2 or...
  8. I

    Connecting Cages

    Hey, has anyone here tried to connect cages together/succeeded? I would like two smaller cages on top of my flight cage to give my budgies more room to move around (since its bombed with toys, but they do get to spend the entire day out if they choose to). I'm also thinking about trying to...
  9. A

    cockatiel and budgie aviary

    Hello, I am getting a shed in the next couple of weeks and I am going to put cages in it for breeding my chickens. I am also going to make the last part an aviary for cockatiels and budgies. It will be about 8' by 3' inside and there would be an additional 10' by 3' outside. I am wondering what...
  10. J

    **Shocker** LuLu talked!

    Ok so today I was cleaning out all my bird cages and the budgies were being particularly noisy today. The way my room is setup (until I move into the new place) LuLu can pretty much get around the entire room without flying as her wings are REALLY clipped. LuLu is still settling in so she hasn't...
  11. Jamie_95

    Taming young budgies ?

    So one of my younger brothers and I are THINKING about getting a little baby budgie or two from our local bird breeder. And i was going to try to tame them and make them a bit social. When i was younger our family always had budgies, but we eventually upgraded to Lovebirds. And now i kind of...
  12. A

    Show me your food... ! :D

    Just for fun...! :) I was mixing up Pocket's and the budgie's (Yuki and Luna) food today and thought I should grab a picture to share. But at the same time, I want to see what other people feed their birds :D Diet for Pocket is as follows: Dried: Premium Parrot Mix Dried Fruits Vetafarm...
  13. A Few Of My Special Budgies

    A Few Of My Special Budgies

    The green one is rio we got him about 4 months ago the one on thes side of the cage is rocket the mother of the other blue one, romeo...
  14. P

    Hey I'm New!!! :)

    Hey everyone!!! I am a new member and just wanted to say hello!!! If there are any tips anyone could give me that would be helpful lol. Thanks in advance. :blue2::yellow2::whiteblue::greenyellow:
  15. ann

    Englisg vs American budgies

    hi, so today is my birthday and im jumping at every opertunity that my chances of getting a bird even slightly go up. i have some birthday money so that helps too. first of all i know many people get budgies for their kids because some oconsider them "easy" or "disposable", i know hey are...