1. K

    Cockatiel likes to spend time with my budgies and sad? if alone with me.

  2. paimonandeula

    Hello! My entire life story about budgies :)

    I am new on the forum! I have two budgies. Here's is some more information about them: Paimon: Paimon is a male parakeet. He is a light gray. I got him on May 12, 2021, from Petsmart (i know, I know). He is so sweet and loves to press his beak to my mouth. He flicks his wings at me while doing...
  3. Sophieh7


    I have 2 budgies and a full cage and set up. In Stirling area :)
  4. Sophieh7

    Angry Budgie!

    Hello guys; I have 2 budgies. Enzo who was believed to be a male when purchased but im now 90% sure is female and Lola. I’ve had them both for around 4 months, Lola is a lot older than Enzo tho. I had them together but Enzo was being very territorial over almost everything in the cage so have...
  5. 8-16 Tiny.JPG

    8-16 Tiny.JPG

    Budgie Baby
  6. 8-16 Three.JPG

    8-16 Three.JPG

    Budgie Baby
  7. 8-16 Riker.JPG

    8-16 Riker.JPG

    Budgie Baby
  8. 8-16 Patchouli.JPG

    8-16 Patchouli.JPG

    Budgie Baby
  9. 8-16 All Budgie Babies.JPG

    8-16 All Budgie Babies.JPG

    Budgie Babies
  10. B

    Budgie breeding

    Hi. I got two budgies, if I breed a male lutino and a female albino what will be the outcomes? Thanks you
  11. Time To Eat!

    Time To Eat!

    Just my little budgies enjoying their breakfast.
  12. R

    Hello guys!

    Finally I decided to join the forum! Everyone seems very nice and friendly on the replies that I have read so far on different threads, I have 10 budgies and I love this little featherballs with all my heart! Their names are, Riki, Kiwi, Pitie, Barry, Jade, Violet, Levi, Cheeky, Bubbles and...
  13. B

    Home disinfectants for bird room?

    Hello! A few of my budgies are recovering from bacterial infections and to prevent future issues and maybe help speed recovery, I was thinking of moving them to another room for a few days, spraying the bird room (where they spend most of their time in) with disinfectant and letting it air out...
  14. Windsilver

    Hi There - I've Recently Joined

    Hello Community - I am a relatively new parakeet owner, although I did have a parakeet as a little girl. My Story in brief - to prevent myself from adopting a new puppy (COVID Crazy) I adopted a couple of keets from my local MSPCA. They were beautiful birds - but older so it was a challenge...
  15. Zfelis

    Baby Parakeets need a new home (NY)

    Location >>> NYC, NY Baby Australian Parakeets/Budgies Hatch date: 12/19-12/26 Five babies available currently Need to rehome them because I don't have enough space and cages to raise them all. Small rehoming fee applies. (Attatched pictures of the parents for reference)
  16. E

    Untame bird teaching baby to be scared

    It's so hard to find good information about this! Someone please help. I have one female budgie about 6-7 months old, she is from a pet shop and pretty scared. I sat by her cage 24/7 first 5 weeks she lived with me and she got pretty comfortable with me being around. She will eat millet from my...
  17. 2

    Help training 2 new English budgies

    Hi there! I just brought home 2 sweet English budgies 4 days ago. They're a little over a month old and they were hand-fed and tamed by a nice breeder. He advised taking them out for 15 minutes every day right away, and he thought they would be cooperative. But they aren't! They're very bonded...
  18. L

    Protecting the bed against poo

    Hello there, I've bought a cockatiel about 2 months ago and her introduction is going great with my budgies in the living room. Her cage ha been situated in the bedroom during the quarantine and Coco (my male budgie) is absolutely in love with Zoe (the cockatiel). Unfortunately this means he...
  19. L

    Normal budgie behavior?

    Hi everyone! I brought home a new budgie 4 days ago,,, today he was very active--eating and flying around his cage. He started doing flips/somersaults into the corner of his cage near his food bowl and then sat on the floor of his cage sleeping with his feathers puffed up. Just wanted to ask if...
  20. BirdMama11

    Boy or Girl?

    I have had this budgie since April of 2018, and his or her cere has never changed color. I figured that it's a she, but I wanted an expert's help, so I came here! I found it concerning her cere has never really changed color considering i've had her for almost two years. If someone could help...