1. T

    Adopted budgies, regretting it?

    I adopted 2 budgies a couple days ago, and I had been thinking about it for about a month (after my previous budgie passed away). I thought I was ready for the commitment, but I don’t think I am. I want to bring them back to the shelter I got them from, (The ARL, they have a 30 day refund...
  2. B

    Question(s) on stopping budgies from breeding

    Hello! I need some advice on what to do with a family member and her budgies. She recently moved into our home with 3 budgies that she got from a neighbor (2 males, 1 female, about 5 y/o now). Their cage is on the smaller end (2' L x 3' H x 2' W), but they were never socialized when they were...
  3. B

    Looking for Specific Naturally Molted Budgie Feathers for Crafting

    Hey, I'm looking for some naturally molted feathers from these specific mutations of birds for a crafting project to add some feathers to a trinket jar. Wondering if anyone would be willing to provide some?: Sky Blue Recessive Pied Budgie Feathers Example pictures: SF (Single Factor)...
  4. L

    Budgies are afraid of the nesting box, what should i do?

    Hi, I am sorry in advance for my english, I'm from Czech Republic. Few days ago, I gave my budgies (Loki and Aria, both of them are older than 1 year) a nesting box, 'cause they are often kissing, Loki feeding Aria (and other things I don't know how to say in english) and I wanted to try to...
  5. K

    Cockatiel likes to spend time with my budgies and sad? if alone with me.

  6. paimonandeula

    Hello! My entire life story about budgies :)

    I am new on the forum! I have two budgies. Here's is some more information about them: Paimon: Paimon is a male parakeet. He is a light gray. I got him on May 12, 2021, from Petsmart (i know, I know). He is so sweet and loves to press his beak to my mouth. He flicks his wings at me while doing...
  7. Sophieh7


    I have 2 budgies and a full cage and set up. In Stirling area :)
  8. Sophieh7

    Angry Budgie!

    Hello guys; I have 2 budgies. Enzo who was believed to be a male when purchased but im now 90% sure is female and Lola. I’ve had them both for around 4 months, Lola is a lot older than Enzo tho. I had them together but Enzo was being very territorial over almost everything in the cage so have...
  9. 8-16 Tiny.JPG

    8-16 Tiny.JPG

    Budgie Baby
  10. 8-16 Three.JPG

    8-16 Three.JPG

    Budgie Baby
  11. 8-16 Riker.JPG

    8-16 Riker.JPG

    Budgie Baby
  12. 8-16 Patchouli.JPG

    8-16 Patchouli.JPG

    Budgie Baby
  13. 8-16 All Budgie Babies.JPG

    8-16 All Budgie Babies.JPG

    Budgie Babies
  14. B

    Budgie breeding

    Hi. I got two budgies, if I breed a male lutino and a female albino what will be the outcomes? Thanks you
  15. Time To Eat!

    Time To Eat!

    Just my little budgies enjoying their breakfast.
  16. R

    Hello guys!

    Finally I decided to join the forum! Everyone seems very nice and friendly on the replies that I have read so far on different threads, I have 10 budgies and I love this little featherballs with all my heart! Their names are, Riki, Kiwi, Pitie, Barry, Jade, Violet, Levi, Cheeky, Bubbles and...
  17. B

    Home disinfectants for bird room?

    Hello! A few of my budgies are recovering from bacterial infections and to prevent future issues and maybe help speed recovery, I was thinking of moving them to another room for a few days, spraying the bird room (where they spend most of their time in) with disinfectant and letting it air out...
  18. Windsilver

    Hi There - I've Recently Joined

    Hello Community - I am a relatively new parakeet owner, although I did have a parakeet as a little girl. My Story in brief - to prevent myself from adopting a new puppy (COVID Crazy) I adopted a couple of keets from my local MSPCA. They were beautiful birds - but older so it was a challenge...
  19. Zfelis

    Baby Parakeets need a new home (NY)

    Location >>> NYC, NY Baby Australian Parakeets/Budgies Hatch date: 12/19-12/26 Five babies available currently Need to rehome them because I don't have enough space and cages to raise them all. Small rehoming fee applies. (Attatched pictures of the parents for reference)
  20. E

    Untame bird teaching baby to be scared

    It's so hard to find good information about this! Someone please help. I have one female budgie about 6-7 months old, she is from a pet shop and pretty scared. I sat by her cage 24/7 first 5 weeks she lived with me and she got pretty comfortable with me being around. She will eat millet from my...