building trust

  1. M

    Green Cheek hates to be put away

    I have a 6 month old fully winged. It’s always been a struggle to put him away- I would only take him out after work since he would fly from corner to corner until I could grab him. He will go in his cage to sleep on his own though. I recently started letting him out in the morning while I get...
  2. I

    Soon to be bird owner, I need help

    Hi everyone! My name is Parker, and after months and months of research and begging, I've found out that I'm going to get a bird for my birthday this Monday! This is great and all, but I'm having some trouble figuring out the timing of it all. About a week after my birthday, me and my family...
  3. Sunnybirb

    We've been working on Sunny's distrust of men and finally made some big progress!

    Sunny really doesn't like men. If it was up to her, she'd never have to see one again. So getting her to, at the very least, tolerate my boyfriend, is something we know is going to take a long time. There's always lots of hissing and lunging, particularly when she's in her cage. Right around...
  4. M

    needs advice just bought a sun conure

    I got a 1 yr old sun conure on saturday and got him a really nice cage and I have tried for 5 days now to get him to trust and like me all he does is run away bites hisses and screams what do I do I have tried giving him a bath and drying him off tried giving treats when he bites gently tried...
  5. sonyzoo


    Hi, My name is Cindy. My boyfriend and I just adopted a 6 year old Blue and Gold Macaw about a month ago. This is my first large parrot, my boyfriend's second (He had a B/G macaw when he was younger). Our Macaw Ziggy has been settling nicely. He is a character. Some of the stuff he's says you...