1. chloe.millar

    Bree the Pineapple Green Cheek Conure! California

    This is an incredibly difficult post to make, and it has taken years to come to this decision. I’ve posted in this forum multiple times requesting advice on if I’m the best home for my green cheek conure. I got Bree when I was 14 (currently 19) and I wasn’t able to truly grasp what I was...
  2. L

    Airline travel

    I would like to take my quaker parrot from Washington state to California state for a five day visit. I know that quaker parrots are illegal in California; does this include visiting QP that will not be staying in the state? Also, I plan to fly with Alaska has anyone utilized this airline before...
  3. MacawBeginnerandLover

    Macaw price?

    I currently have 3 baby scarlet macaws and thinking about keeping some while trying to sell some to try to build up a savings for a Hyacinth breeding pair. Any idea of prices of baby Scarlet macaws? When they are most expensive? ---When they are right after weaning? When they learn how to fly...
  4. B

    Rehoming advice for budgie?

    Hello all! I'm really backed into a corner here and I figured this would be as good a place to ask as any- does anyone have any advice for rehoming a budgie? Particularly in southern california / fontana/san bernardino/la area? I have reached out to any and all parrot rescues, bird...
  5. D

    Blue&Gold Macaw wanted - Northern California

    Hi, Me and my wife have dreamt about macaw for years, now we got the point, we are ready to get a new member to our family. We have talked to local aviaries and rescue. Unfortunately there are no birds available. Don't want to disclose much details about each of the rescue. But my perception -...
  6. H

    Private rescuer Mojave CA

    :grey: :gcc: :57: Hi thanks for having me❣️ My name is Toni and I am a private rescuer and BirdSitter. In the year since I have moved to Mojave I have converted an old barn into a magnificent aviary so my babies can stretch their wings in nice weather. I take in birds and give them a loving...
  7. D

    Full small parrot setup(cage, stands, carriers)

    Location: Los Angeles, California area (Ventura) This full setup was for a green-cheeked conure. She was sweet, alas she has gone. :green: The following would cost a couple thousand dollars new. Includes: stainless steel cage - opens top and side; with wheels; 36"x26"x17" movable stand - with...
  8. T

    Rehoming my beloved Green-cheek, need help

    Hi all, this is my first post to the parrot forums, but I'm reaching out because I am in need of help in finding my beloved bird a new home, and timeline is short. He/she (never sexed, doesn't matter to me) is a Green-cheeked conure, 13 years old, about to be 14 in April, and has been my...
  9. Y

    anyone here living in california??

    hi, for ya'all here that happen to live in california…are there any shops ya can recommend for parrot accessories? your input would be greatly appreciated!!:D
  10. L

    Bay Area Caiques??

    Hi there! I'm hoping someone else in the Bay Area (California) with a Caique might be interested in a play date with our 7yo BH male Caique. We do everything possible to keep our guy healthy and happy. Looking forward to hearing from you! :)