1. Sora6886

    How does everyone clean their hand rasing equipment/utensils/tools

    I'm an breeder n I hand raiser and I've just been researching any thing I could be doing better or easier. I've been trying to find how everyone prefers to sanitise or clean their equiment (eg. Syringes, spoons, cups etc). Obviously I've had a really hard time finding answers to this. (I'm...
  2. Hobs

    Tidy Tips

    As newish bird owners we thought we would reach out to the masses and learn from your trial and error over the years! What is the best cleaning/ mess remediation tips and tricks you have come up with?
  3. P

    Disinfecting branches?

    Hi, I’m preparing some natural branches for my budgie, but I’ve never disinfected any before and I’m not sure how to do it properly. I know that some people soak branches in bleach, or bake them in the oven but I’d like to avoid those methods if possible. I’m going to disinfect some branches...
  4. C

    Room ionizers

    Is it ok to use ionizers with your bird to keep air fresh and clean?
  5. Boyd75

    bird toys, cleaning

    how can i clean my birds toys, dissinfect them? esecially if they are reused from a different bird, is that ossible?