cockatiel baby

  1. Head scritches 💟

    Head scritches 💟

    This was kind of a breakthrough with Poppy, earlier this week I was able to scratch her head and this video was a few days after that!! She's less scared of hands now but I think part of that earlier came from the fact that I was putting my hands /in/ her cage. When shes out hands are OK.
  2. Poppy preening

    Poppy preening

  3. Shoulder bird??? Nah, I've got a head bird

    Shoulder bird??? Nah, I've got a head bird

  4. A

    Broken fertile cockatiel egg

    Hi all, I breed cockatiels and this egg has been pipping for 3+ days, i went to go put a small hole in the egg to try and help him and my dog knocked me and ended up cracking the egg, is there anything i can do to save him?
  5. Luqman

    Baby cockatiel poo looks weird

    Hello so i recntly bought a new baby cockatiel and tried to hand feed it using a bird formula and syringe but today when i woke up to feed him again i saw that his poop was weird. I am not that sure because this is my first baby bird. Is the poop weird? Like can’t the baby bird digest its formula??
  6. Luna Kamel

    What is my parrot's gender and age?

    Hello, I've been really interested in buying a cockatiel because of how gentle of a friend they can be. I was offered this one, the seller told me they don't know their gender, also added that they're around 6 months old. I really want a male cockatiel, I was told they're more likely to sing...
  7. Mochikospets

    Hand reared cockatiel thinks she’s human? With arms?

    Hi there! New here. I’ve been an animal lover my whole life and recently got into birds! I have a little experience hand-rearing birds, but this is my first cockatiel. I got her around 4 days old, eyes closed. I’ve had her for about a month now. She’s an adorable little bird, loves attention and...
  8. Zilaxia

    Cockatiel Babies Coming Soon

    My cockatiels have..."done the deed" many times since Lucy flew away (thanks a lot dad) and they're gonna be parents soon. Of course ill be getting a new cage for the 2 babies I will be keeping, (I didn't even want two more parrots, I just wanted to keep Lucy, thanks again DAD.) and will be...
  9. K

    6 Month Old Screaming/Baby Noises

    Hey, I have a 6 month old tiel who makes baby noises after breakfast and sometimes throughout the day. It is the obnoxious “dinosaur” sounding baby scream. I feed her about 4 tbps of seeds mixed with chop in the morning, and then she has a break from food until about 1-2pm and then I give her...
  10. birbgurl

    This site is a lifesaver!

    Hi everyone! My name is Jam I’m 33 years old. And your site has been my go to for any birb questions. I own a cockatoo rescue, Hero (upper beak got bitten off by a macaw when it was a baby), George my green IRN, Steven my racquet tail, Larry my SC, Mikey and Pablo the budgies...
  11. J

    3 Month old cockteil help

    Hello, I bought a hand raised 3 month old cockatiel. This Is my first time owning a cockatiel. It's friendly at times, it steps on my fingers but a few minutes later always flies away. I try to feed it fruits but gets aggressive and starts biting. It doesn't eat any fruits only seeds and I'm...
  12. S

    Baby conure & baby cockatiel in one cage

    I’ve recently got a cockatiel (8 weeks old now) and she lives in a cage since she started flying and today I went home with a green cheek conure (7 weeks old) & she flies but not yet too high. my question is, is it possible for them to put in one cage since they are still young?
  13. What A Difference A Month Makes!

    What A Difference A Month Makes!

    Baby male whiteface pearl Cockatiel ❤