conure help

  1. G


    my 5 month (what i suspect to be female) pineapple conure always let me pet her (with occasional nibbles) and now i can’t try to pet her without the attempted bites. on the other hand she lets my boyfriend pet her and she won’t show any aggression towards him. i haven’t done anything to her🥲🥲...
  2. Jessiwill

    Needing some advice please.

    So,.. My boyfriend got a greencheek one day, .. lord knows he didn't need one. Lol. Anyway,.. so the bird and I fell frigging IN LOVE the second I held him and were inseparable from that day on. He would get mad if I didn't take him on car rides when I left. Long story short,.. my boyfriend...
  3. Jacob1302

    Conure Tail Feather Loss

    My Pearly Conure (8 months) Jumped off the side of his cage today, and started to flap his wings trying to fly (When I got him from the pet store his wings were already clipped) hes done this a couple times before and he usually just slowly falls to the ground, steps up on my finger and just...
  4. F

    How to make my conure not so cautious with me

    I have a green cheeked conure that I have had for about 2 months, and she is amazing. Everything is right with her, she's friendly, cuddly, doesn't bite but qirky as well. She really loves my company, and has bonded with me more than everyone else, she usually loves cuddling with me and jumps on...
  5. AspiringBirdPerson

    Question about conure bonding?

    Hi everyone, i have two green check conures that I got two years ago. since then I have been working with them and training them every single day, by now they know many tricks and games but they still don’t seem bonded to me... the male, Loki is jumpy and afraid of any new objects... he bites...
  6. N

    A New Parront to be...!

    Good Evening Everyone, I joined this forum because from what I can tell, the people on this site are very knowledgeable about these beautiful creatures, and how to take care of them. I will hopefully be getting a Conure, in the upcoming months, but first I want to gain as much knowledge as I...
  7. 1

    Cinnamon Green Cheek not liking back touching

    I have had Limon for about 3 weeks now and he is now 6 months old. He enjoys being scratched on the head, nibbling my ear, and cuddling up next to my hair . I have recently been trying to get him comfortable with my hands so that he can lay down on my hands. He was being very reluctant when i...
  8. U

    My Green Cheek Conure doesn't like her cage.

    I got my green cheek conure five days ago, I got her from a breeder and shes 11 weeks old. She seems to trust me as she follows me around and doesn't like to be left alone. I played with her toys outside the cage so she knows how to play with them, she has a chewing toy, a noisy toy, a colorful...
  9. K

    Questions about my Green Cheek Conure

    Hi! I recently bought a Green Cheek Conure i've named Cherry for the holidays. It's been almost 24 hours and there are some behaviors I'm curious about in my bird. Why does my bird hang upside down in their cage? Is it ok if they fall while doing so? Is it natural for my bird to squawk at...
  10. K

    Cage size for green cheek?

    I'm getting a green cheek soon, I wanted to know the size of cage I should get for him because, like my budgie, he'll have free reign of the house and his cage will be open all the time, so what size should I get for him? Also, any pointers for a Conure beginner like me would be nice.
  11. M

    Conure bit by ferret

    So last Thursday my baby was bitten by my daughters ferret on the neck. I was able to get to him before the worst happened thank goodness, but not fast enough to keep him from being bitten. My question is he is the first bird I have had and the sore on his neck seems to be healing well, since...
  12. M

    New Conure Mama

    Hello everyone, I am new to this site and new to owning a Conure. I have had my baby since Saturday, so today is her 3rd day with us. She was hand raised at the shop where we bought her, when we went to look for a bird I saw her sitting on one of the ladies shoulders. When we asked about her...
  13. B

    Bad Bird Seller; Weaning Help!

    I recently purchased a Green Cheek Conure and he is now 7 weeks old. Unfortunately, I was not told about the taboo of buying a bird before it is weaned and he was sold to me anyway. I am currently feeding him Exact Bird Formula (10 ml 3 times a day; morning, mid-day, and night) and I'm sure he...
  14. S

    Can a Cage be TOO Big?

    Hi everyone! So recently I've been wanting to get my Conure, Georgia, a new cage. My schedule has been all over the place lately and some days she has to spend more in-cage time than either of us would like, so I have thought about buying her a larger cage to give her more room to play as well...
  15. S

    My Well Loved Birds

    Hi my name is DD and I have three birds, my first bird a green cheek conure, his name is Buzz, I got him when I was going through some hard times from loss of my job. He became my best buddy, but now favours my husband since I clipped his wings he bites me. Then I rescued a bird from a terrible...
  16. M

    There is something wrong with my Conure's beak! :-(

    Hi!! I have just signed up with this forum and would love some advice :-) I have a beautiful Conure who is 12 months old, his name is Max and is definitely the spoilt baby of our family :-) 6 months ago we moved from hot and humid Far North QLD to the Sunshine Coast. Since the move Max has...
  17. C

    What did you do when you first brought your Conure to your home?

    When ever I think of getting a Conure (still in the process of convincing my parents to allow me get one) I always think of what I will do first thing when I arrive home with my Conure. What did you do when you first brought your Conure to your house? Tell me your experience xD
  18. C

    What diet is recommended?

    I am thinking of getting a Conure and I don't know what kind of diet would be right. Any suggestion on what diet I should use that you recommend or that you use that is working well?
  19. S

    Sun conure aggression

    Hello there, I'm a new user and looking for help! I recently got a sun conure from a owner that had recently gotten it from someone else. The conure was bought from the first owner as baby but never taken out not got any attention.. The owner i recently bought him from never took him out...
  20. M

    Young Conure- Need advice

    :rainbow1:Hi Folks, I have a young pineapple Conure I got from a licensed breeder. The bird is about 10-11 weeks and fully weaned. She lets you hold her and will not bite but I think she is nervous. Ive left her alone in her cage after briefly handling her and only used vocalizations to get...