1. JettIsTheDevil

    New Member with a Galah x Corella Hybrid

    Hi! As you can see by my username, I have a pet Galah x Corella (otherwise known as “Apricot Galahs”) who is the literal spawn of the Devil (sometimes). I have done a little research on his specific cross breed but I have found very little information on them. Which is how I came across this...
  2. C

    Corella Discipline

    Hello, very recently my boyfriend got a pet Corella. When I would play with him, he would occasionally bite or squawk loudly at me, so I'd give him a little tap on the head (I've owned dogs for years and this is common practise for dog owners). But I recently found out this is a big no-no for...
  3. AshMGon

    Considering a Little Corella: Need Advice!

    This thread is for the purpose of getting advice and hearing experiences from little corella owners. Anything is appreciated! (NOTE: I am extremely well-researched on parrot species and am very much aware of the amount and kind of attention cockatoos require. So I do not approach this lightly...
  4. A

    Lots of probblems

    So my cockatoo wills step up in a sense, if i want to get her out of her cage she will eagerly step up onto me but shell automatically go to my shoulder and wont get off unless she decides something she wants is too far away and they she starts edging but allways comes back to my shoulder. If i...
  5. A

    My bird hates phones

    My bird absolutely detests cell phones, iPods, and things if the sort. I've tried to get her used to them, I've put them near her cage. She's seen me use them before but she just won't stop attacking them and the people using them! HELP!
  6. A

    Aria won't go back in her cage

    I can't get her to go back into her cage. I have to force her. Help!
  7. A

    New cockatoo, need help

    So I recently bought a bare-eyed cockatoo from an elderly couple who said she was agressive. I realized she wasn't agressive and that they just didn't know how to handle and keep her entertained but every time I let her out of her cage she only wants to cuddle. I was hoping shed get bored and...
  8. D

    Cockatoo Grump

    I just wanted to see if anyone has been having similar issues to me. I have a female 1 year and 4 month old Corella cross Galah cockatoo, she's been handled from a young age and for months she was sweet and calm, but over the last few months she's been a real horror, she'll bite your fingers...