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Jun 10, 2014
So I recently bought a bare-eyed cockatoo from an elderly couple who said she was agressive. I realized she wasn't agressive and that they just didn't know how to handle and keep her entertained but every time I let her out of her cage she only wants to cuddle. I was hoping shed get bored and want to learn tricks or something but its been 3 weeks and still all she wants to do is cuddle. And when she's not cuddling shell go down to my elbow but then she'll bite me out of no where weather I'm doing something or not. I was wondering if you guys could help me make her want to train and why shed suddenly bite me like that.
Thanks in advanced :3 :white1::white1:
You might try some simple foraging toys and ideas. Either buy or make a piece of wood with some holes drilled into it. You can then fill these holes with Nutriberries, nuts, dried fruits or other things.

You can buy foraging toys and fill with a variety of treats and food.

Buy tiny bird safe shows and fill with Nutriberries or other treats.

Take paper muffin cups and fill with food and treats, then twist shut.

Get foot toys and try playing with her. If she shows *any* interest in any toys, make a big deal about it!

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