1. Libbi24

    Tofu update

    So something amazing has happened and I wanted to share! Roz has never liked any other bird, let alone have an hour preening session with one! Im keeping a close eye on them and won’t be moving them into the same cage, but it makes me so happy that they’ve both found a friend! I cried in...
  2. Libbi24

    Pearly takes a huge step!

    Hi, It’s been a busy few weeks so I haven’t been able to post anything. BUT, today I have some really exciting news! Pearly my cockatiel, who has had some trauma and has major trust issues, has finally decided to trust me enough to step up onto a branch for me today! It has taken me 9 months...
  3. Rico_Tiel

    Expressive birdies

    So, I’ve noticed how expressive our feathered gremlins are, especially my own, and it’s so funny to me. They literally have little eyebrows and it looks like they can smile or frown, it’s so funny and interesting! Let’s see some pictures of your feathered gremlins and goblins giving their...
  4. Zazu and the fish (Bailey)

    Zazu and the fish (Bailey)

    Zazu loves to watch the fish in my room, it’s adorable :)
  5. Fahima


  6. Feathered Daredevil

    Feathered Daredevil

    Yep, that's about right... in more ways than one (the devil part, I mean)!
  7. Late Night Cuddles

    Late Night Cuddles

    The sun goes down and guess who shows up? Miles the cuddlebug!
  8. The New Cone

    The New Cone

    I'd like three scoops of Unpredictable in a Rainbow cone, please!
  9. Zzzzzzz.....


    Don't wake the sleeping dragon... you may never live to tell us how it went.
  10. Woke Up Sassy Dis Mornin!

    Woke Up Sassy Dis Mornin!

    Miles always gets up to some impressive showoff antics every time I let him out of his cage.
  11. Meet Grumpybird

    Meet Grumpybird

    Forget Grumpycat! Introducing GRUMPYBIRD.
  12. Antics Of A Wet Conure

    Antics Of A Wet Conure

    Miles, wet as a hen and showing off his silly side.
  13. 20211218_224906.jpg


    Miles loves to pester the budgies. Just look at that little gleam in his eye!
  14. 20210630_133933.jpg


    Cuddle time! I love this little guy soooo much!
  15. 20210817_085519.jpg


    Spoiled...not quite rotten, but definitely spoiled.
  16. 20210611_143830.jpg


    My YSGCC, Miles, enjoying watching the world go by from the front window. This was his third road trip.
  17. seabirdlv

    They are so cute.

    Wanted to share this short video contribution to the cuteness of the parrots. Macaws being macaws a parrot video - YouTube
  18. Valyndris

    Awesome bird compilation

    I was browsing Imgur and found an awesome post about birds with around 50 awesome pictures/GIFs and figured it's worth sharing here as it was really cute and enjoyable. :)
  19. beetory

    My Little Ones ♡

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to share these pictures of my little ones, they made my heart feel so warm, I almost started crying looking back at them lol :heart:
  20. H

    Awww so cute!

    Just spotted my grey girl taking a rich tea biscuit, carrying it to the water, and dunking it to make it softer to eat!