diet help

  1. D

    The best Lorikeet diet

    I just took my bird (a black lory) to the vet and he said that an all nectar powder diet is actually not very healthy for them because of the high sugar and they don’t get as much exercise in captivity as they do in the wild. I’ve been feeding her Blessings Lory Nectar since I got her 4 years...
  2. marsvv

    How to improve my conures diet?

    Hi so I have a well I believe 1 year old conure, (we don’t know the exact age) and her diet is mostly just a mix of seeds and a bit of pellets. And I want to make sure I could give her a better diet. Using vegetables fruits etc. I really need help and any recommendations are fine!
  3. kieer

    Proper GCC Diet?

    Hi everyone!! This is my first post on this forum and I'm relatively new to owning parrots - I am a first time bird mom. :) I am absolutely in love with my parrot and I've been lurking on these forums almost obsessively. I love seeing everyone's flocks and I can't wait to start participating in...
  4. S

    Australian Ringneck Fruit & Veggies

    Hey, I've got an Australian Ringneck (28) and have been finding it difficult to find a nice list of fruit, vegetables and other food items safe for her/him. I can only ever find things related to Indian Ringnecks or parrots in general (if all things safe for parrots in general is safe for my 28...
  5. Mango the Sun Conure

    Any advice on transitioning a bird from seeds to pellets?

    Hi, Everyone I’m transitioning my conure diet from seed to pellets. When I got him he was just eating a seed mix. I know it takes time for birds to get used to pellets. I’ve tried to slowly introduce it by mixing it with his seed mixture. I’ve also tried different pellet brands but I’ve notice...
  6. Catastrophycat

    Need help weaning a greencheek conure

    Hey everyone! I'm new here so I apologize for any mistakes. 🙏 I got a GCC a week ago, it is my first green cheek, and first not fully weaned bird I've got. He started eating seeds and solids around 10 days ago, breeder claims he's over a month old, I could say about 6-7weeks now. For the last...
  7. E

    Lacking proper diet. HELP!

    Ive been reading through the forums and what diets are made and provided and fear that what I am providing my newly adopted macaw is just not adequate enough! Please tell me what this chop diet is. How its made and when its given. Ive also read eggs and certain beans need are part of the diet...