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Nov 9, 2009
Hi all,

I am new to owning a parrot. My partner has in the past but we just got an African Grey. He is two years old and a chatty little thing. We were told he would be shy but so far he's pretty outgoing with us. We are yet to introduce him to anyone else. I have 5 dogs too and 2 cats and have lots of questions but for now my main concern is household chemicals. With 5 dogs (4 being bulldog breeds so gassy!) I use plug ins and candles and lysol air freshener. But i am finding out those can be harmful? One factsheet said liquid lysol is okay for his cage, is this true? Any tips on what i can use to clean up after 5 dogs and still have a somewhat clean smelling home would be GREATLY appreciated. Also, any do's and dont's or general tips, send em all my way!

Oh, and aren't birds awesome! :grey:

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Dec 28, 2007
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Plug-ins, candles, and any aerosol can be very dangerous for birds.

Liquid lysol used to disinfect however is perfectly safe, and a very good way to clean their cages. Of course be sure it is well rinsed and dried before the bird gets back in it.

Natures Miracle is a great cleaner for pet odors. It eliminates odors enzymatically rather than covering them up with other odors. This can also be used around birds.

Lastly Febreeze seems safe. The company that makes Febreeze does more than any other such company I know of to test their products and make sure they are safe around pets. Obviously don't spray the bird, and perhaps not while the bird is in the area, but Febreeze is fine to use in a house with birds.

Of course (I suppose the last one wasn't really 'lastly') baking soda or borax are good for absorbing odors - but don't let the pets eat either one, especially not the borax.


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Nov 8, 2009
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Actually. Febreeze is a BIG no no for parrots, when I was using webtv, the parrot group there emphasizeed that most of all!!!!

Evidently Febreeze & products using it emit vapors harmful to their resperitory systems.

As long as we are talking of things to stay away from, Chocollate, & avacados are 2 of the main food items to keep away from your grey!!!


Aug 20, 2009
Safe is GSE in measured amounts in water - so good for killing germs. This is grapefruit seed extract. Also a measured amt. of vinegar in water if you can stand the smell. I use the GSE to disinfect everything bird including the feeding dishes. It is in human products too like mouthwash. I too would not use any kind of air freshner or candle. I have read thay soy wax candles are ok as they burn pure with no parafin. There are many articles on the web and some posted previously here about this subject.
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Sep 30, 2009
I use distilled white vinegar with water for cleaning the cages & stands. Kills bacteria along with bad oders & is bird safe.


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Sep 10, 2009
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A lot of scents can easily harm your bird! Do not EVER use scented candles or plug in's. Someone I knew had a couple of parrotlets, and in the other side of the house, there was an automatic air freshener thingy. She woke up in the morning to both of her birds dead. So be very cautious even when using bleach in your laundry!

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