1. J

    Visually impaired Greenwing Macaw

    Hi everyone, I've recently adopted a 4 year old Greenwing Macaw from someone who had him chained to a stand with a freeflow of sunflower seeds. After taking him home I realised he was visually impaired—there is a clump of white spots on his right eye, and his left eye is cloudy—so I took him to...
  2. Zhin

    mite or bug lovebirds eye

    mite or bug in lovebirds eye Hello fellow parrots My Fisher lovebird has something in her eye. How do i go about removing this mite / bug/ tick , from her eye? i just noticed this in her eye, some thing felt off, and i checked to see and it looks like a bug what to do? i dont have any...
  3. L

    Cockatoo Eyes

    Hello, new here. My baby Liv & I are said to be first to Home Quarantine from an HPAI Country (Mexico). Last year, after hurdle upon hurdle, we arrived back in USA. I have had her 14 years. She was supposedly 4 when I received her & her band was also dated 2002. Upon leaving Mexico her...
  4. S

    GCC winking

    Nico (baby GCC) occasionally "winks", meaning he closes one eye and keeps the other open. This happens when he's relaxed, especially when he's sitting on someone's lap and has just finished a nice petting session. I was concerned because he may have scratched his eye, and scheduled a vet...
  5. S

    Cataracts... Help!!

    Hello everyone, I'm really worried about my Cockatoo Sabrina... He is only 18 Years old and is having problems with his eyes.. I rescued him 2 years ago and when i got him, he had a small Cataract in the center of his right eye. Since then, i have become very worried that it is getting worse. I...
  6. A

    budgie's eye is closed , advice please !

    hi all , I wanted some advice from those of you that have alot of experience with budgies.My budgie has his left eye closed as of today and his right eye is most normal , he is playing and eating as usual and there seems to be no discharge or anything of that sort.In the past the vet gave me...
  7. P

    First time feeding Galah cockatoo.

    We got our first cockatoo who is just 3 weeks old today and tried feeding baby bird formula for the first time. At one point he turned his head and some of the feed got spread over his eye. I wiped it immediately but he started making a fist with his toes. After a couple of minutes he went back...
  8. N

    Canary - Injured or maybe sick - Eye

    This is not a parrot question, but I thought some of you could probably help anyways. My mom recently got a large aviary and put all of her finches and small birds into it together, including two male canaries. She knew the males might not work together but sometimes that can work with one...
  9. PockyMommy

    Bump between eye and beak?

    My poor baby has this weird bump sort of like a bubble near his eye and his beak like right in between the two. I don't know if it has always been there, but it's there. His right side is perfectly fine. I don't know if its a bruise and he just hit something in his cage a little too hard or...