Bump between eye and beak?


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Aug 31, 2012
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My poor baby has this weird bump sort of like a bubble near his eye and his beak like right in between the two. I don't know if it has always been there, but it's there.

His right side is perfectly fine. I don't know if its a bruise and he just hit something in his cage a little too hard or what. I'm very worried.

I have seeds available always, clean fresh water daily, I also give him a mixture of green beans, peas, lima beans, carrots, corn, soy beans, tofu (sometimes), nectarines, tangerines,grapes as a mixture not all at once we vary it day to day.

Please help =[
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Also today he has been kind of moody, he was biting more than usual. Although in the morning he seemed fine with eating and taking a bath.
Do you have a picture? Might be a boil or something like that.
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:( so here are a couple of pictures I took of my baby.

I just noticed he has some weird dark hard thing under his beak, you can see it pretty visibly in the picture.

If it's something normal, I'm sorry I just had him for a week.

I also accidentally tilted the camera in some of the pictures but you can see one side is more sleek than the other. :(


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I also Just noticed that one eye actually pops out!? OMG Is this normal!? anyone please help
I would take him to the vet just to be safe. It could be nothing but it's better to be safe than sorry. Hope it all works out. You have an adorable birdie!
He looks like he has a slight beak deviation - it appears to be slightly deviated off to the right. I wouldn't be concerned about the bump that you see, but all of it in combination with the eye bulge does concern me just a little bit. Do you have any pictures of him from the first day or two you got him? That would help you know if it's something that's happened recently or something that's been there since you got him - something you AND the vet really need to know. In the mean time, let him act as he feels comfortable, just make sure he doesn't fall from any distance and get an ASAP appt for the vet.

Keep us posted, OK?
I don't know if this is any reassurance at all, but if it were my bird, these would be my feelings - I'd make an appointment with the vet to be sure there weren't a problem... but in looking closely at his picture, it looks to me like he may be a... well... a crooked faced conure. :) In other words, I don't *think* that there's anything wrong with him except that maybe somebody moved the pieces before the glue dried when they were putting him together - you get my drift? In other words, I think this is probably just a genetic thing. Some people have a crooked nose and off-set ears, he's got a crooked beak and off-set eyes.

Is he acting normal? Eating normal? Chattering like he "always" has? If so, I wouldn't worry unless the vet gives you something to worry about. In this case though, I'd be CERTAIN to go to an avian specialist. Ye Olde Neighborhood Dog and Cat Vet wont know enough and will either WAAYYYYY over treat or you'll pay him to tell you he doesn't know enough and give you a referral to a specialist. So skip him and go straight to the specialist in the first place. :)

Again - good luck and keep us (ME!) posted!!!
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Thanks for all the responses!~ I took your advice and took him to the vet. She said not to worry it does look like his beak or his eye is just a little off center ahaha so his face has some character to it.

As for the black thing she told me that its kind of like a scab and will fall off on its own with time.

I'm so relieved that it wasn't anything serious though.:D

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