female budgie

  1. S

    Please help

    Hi! Urgent question I hope you can answer, my budgie was eggbound with swelling in her vent. We took her to a doctor who expelled the eggs but did not clean or disinfect the area. He told us to do it at home. We tried to catch her but it was very hard and she was looking very tried so we put the...
  2. P

    HELP! My budgie is laying eggs, how do I take care of her?

    My female budgie, Paris, laid an egg two days ago. She’s four years old and has never laid eggs before, how do I take care of her properly (to prevent egg binding or any health issues). She’s also losing some of her down feathers? She started laying eggs after (roughly) 2-4 weeks of masturbating...
  3. F

    Aggressive Female?

    Hi all, new budgie owner here. I got my 2 budgies about 2 months ago, I believe it's one boy (Gatorade) and a girl (Blueberry). They bonded very quickly when we brought them home, cuddling, preening each other and regurgitating. However recently Blueberry underwent her first molt and started...
  4. S

    Female Budgie left her partner in big cage and went to other male in small cage

    My female budgie who has been living with her male partner for more than 8 weeks suddenly decided to change her home and partner. She voluntarily went to a new smaller home with this new male that I had rescued 6 weeks ago. The female budgie often got angry at her previous male partner when he...
  5. H

    Gender Help

    Can someone tell me if they are boys or girls? I was told Hotdog was a boy and Layla was a girl is that correct? Sprite and Milky I'm not sure about.
  6. H

    Boy or girl?

    & Milky is one in the back
  7. Midnightstarian

    Male or female?

    I have a budgie who the pet store claims to be 8 weeks they told me it can't be sexed this young. I joined a facebook group and they told me the budgie cant be sexed this young. Now i'm confused and i don't think i trust either group so iv'e come here sense i feel like a lot of here people have...
  8. veimar

    four males and one female budgies?

    Hi guys! 💖 Haven't been here forever! My birds are doing great - just didn't have much time. Question!!! I have 3 male budgies among my other birds, and a friend of mine has someone who desperately needs to rehome two budgies, male and female, not a bonded pair. They are young, under a year...