Female Budgie left her partner in big cage and went to other male in small cage


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Feb 17, 2020
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My female budgie who has been living with her male partner for more than 8 weeks suddenly decided to change her home and partner. She voluntarily went to a new smaller home with this new male that I had rescued 6 weeks ago.

The female budgie often got angry at her previous male partner when he forced her to mate. But often they were happy together and groomed each other as well.

I usually open their doors so that they can try to come out of the cage and become comfortable with us. None of the three budgies ever came out and now the female dared to come out and went to her new home.

What are your thoughts? The male who got ditched looks sad now but doesn't dare to come out for her partner. He is just making sounds occasionally to call her back. None of them are tamed. However, the new rescued bird that I found was comfortable eating from my hand.

The female budgie at beginning used to fight with her male to sit on the perch but male often did not let her occupy the perch alone. Now, in the new cage she has occupied the perch of this rescued bird and is not letting him sit there.

I have quickly created video in parts and removed my sound with background music.

[ame="https://youtu.be/XP1JfKzf0WQ"]Please see the video here as well.[/ame]

What should I do now? I don't want to further scare them from me as they are difficult to become comfortable with me.

You can read more about how I got this rescue bird in this post.
I have never been in this situation, but having experience with animals and budgies, I can take a stab at giving you advice. Although, you may want to wait for a more experienced person in this area to confirm or deny my thoughts.

I am thinking maybe you should get another larger cage and another female. Quarantine the female in the smaller cage that male #2 is currently in. Move the current female and male #2 together (since she likes him more), and move male #1 to the other large cage. After about a month, introduce the other female to male #1.
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Female was a bit aggressive to this new budgie in his own home at beginning. But looks like they both are now comfortable in this situation. Also, the other male which was left by this female is happy and chirps all day long.

I am not sure whether I will need to buy another female for this male. However, there is one problem. There is only one bird in bigger cage (male which was left by his partner) and two birds in small cage.

They are already reluctant to bond with me. I am afraid whether I should switch their homes by hand. The previous pair is still afraid of me since last time I captured them in my hand to give them medicine.

The other male who used to be alone was very happy to eat when food was in my hand and was comfortable with me. But now he is learning from the female to be afraid of me. Even he eats from hands now, but doesn't seem much comfortable.

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