Help! New Owner - Green Cheek Conure Pair


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Dec 21, 2013
Essex, England, UK
Green Cheek Conure x2 (Dorrine & Albert)
Hi Guys,

I have been reading up on some of your help & information threads and FAQs from other members about GCC's behaviour habits and how to bond etc, But it just does not seem to be working for me? :(

I am 22 and recently visited my local pet store where I found 2 GCC (One Male, One Female) in a very large cage and trying VERY hard to get my attention, So I went over and instantly fell in love! I bought them right there on the spot and named them Dorrine & Albert, They're not even a year old according to the shop owner.

In the store the Female was very dominant over the male and wouldn't let him get all the attention from me, But now they're back home with me and get loads of sweet treats and quite spoilt the Male has now become more Dominant and wont let the female get near me for attention! But they get along fine when we are not giving them too much attention because they talk to each other and are doing 'the naughty' on the branches at the back.

Albert has become more attached to my house mate and Dorrine is more bonded with me but does not get a chance to bond with me fully because the male attacks her if she comes too close, He also does this to Dorrine if she approaches my house mate, as if he has already claimed the bond to my house mate or something?

Speaking of the bond between Albert and my house mate, She is able to stroke his beak and stroke him on the head and he closes his eyes and everything - Clearly enjoying it! .. BUT .. If I go near the cage and he is at the back - He charges at me with his wings half up and beak pointed at my finger! :(

I tried doing the 'discipline' method where I keep him in the cage and put the Cage night cover down to make him see it is bad to do that.. And he squarks for a while to try and get my attention, But when i lift it 10-15mins later and talk to him, He just keeps repeating the same thing each time.. I think he is starting to hate me more for trying to discipline him not to attack and bite me.

I was considering seperating Albert & Dorrine into different cages during the day for bonding time because he might be trying to prove dominance to both Dorrine and me..

I really need help.. I just want him to like me :(

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!


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Jul 5, 2012
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Hi. Congrats on your new flock. Double trouble, lol. Sounds like u r gettng a good feel for the behaviors of these little lovable, yet sometimes devilish fids.

Personally, i would not do the cage cover discipline thing. I dont have much experience with multiple fids at home, but youll surely find the help in the forum. I would try to separate them when u interact with them during one on one time. Like out of sight and sound of the other. Like housemate can take albert to another room and when he is comfie with her there, u hang out with his girlfriend dorrine. U can tru to switch it up. She takes dorrine out, and u distract and redirect albert with a treat and hang with him.

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