indian ring-necked

  1. L

    My Indian Ringnecks are very quiet.

    I got 2 Indian Ringnecks from a family member recently (1 month and a half) and since i got them, they have been abnormally quiet. I know this might sound weird coming from someone on this site but im really not a bird person, they belong to my sister, so im generally too scared to play with...
  2. S

    how to find age of ringnecks?

    hi parrot loves, I'm having a 2months old Indian ring-neck ,i want to buy a pair for it so i want know its gender first , how to find the gender of Indian ring-neck at the age of 2months, please someone help me:green2:
  3. S

    My two week indian ringneck baby parrot died

    My heart is burning, I had bought 1 month old baby parrot and I raised it and now it is 2 years :green2: old but now I bought two week baby ringneck parrot, I gave it feed 3 to 5cc mixed with water 4 times a day and keep it warm but :15:: :15: what amount of powder feed mixed with water should...
  4. Koni

    Everything becomes more interesting if you add Benny Hill music to it

    You all remember the theme song from Benny Hill. Well, almost anything becomes more interesting if you add it to it. Here is my African (or Indian?) ring-necked parrot Koni doing some random stuff with random toys. Every time I film Koni runs towards the camera. He like to chew everything Koni...