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    Recently purchased Red Bellied loud stressed behaviour?

    Hi guys new to the community, new to bird owning, A week ago I purchased a male red-bellied parrot from a reseller. Things have been going OK, he's a bit scared of me (he escaped from his cage and was caught with a net after flying into a concrete wall at the time of purchase) which I'm sure...
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    New parrot owner, I need advice please!

    Hi, so I got a catalina macaw a few months ago as a gift (well shes mostly my grandmas parrot, however my grandma is not so happy she had been given the parrot without asking since we have 3 dogs) and she screams a lot. If someone is on the phone, she screams. If she is by herself, she screams...
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    Help mango won't stop screaming!

    Im sure this topic has been discussed many times over but im new and not the best at navigating the forums. I recently got mango and shes awesome but she constantly screams while in her cage. I have seen many different suggestions but nothing is seemjng to help at all and sadly my wife is...
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    New yelling behaviors- help!!

    My nanday conure has recently been squawking every ten seconds no matter what I change/ try/ do. Shes usually pretty scared of a lot of things, which causes her to do her "omg wtf!!" yell, I can usually tell what is bothering her then or it at least only lasts 30 seconds and she gets over it...
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    Senegal SCREAMING (Need Tips and Help)

    Hi guys! My boyfriend and I purchased a rescue Senegal around 7 months ago, and we have been having a lot of behavioral issues that just keep getting worse. We are told that she is 20 years old, and lived all of her life with the same owner until he passed away. The daughter took her and that...
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    GCC in an apartment?

    I'm planning to get a Green Cheek Conure but I live in an apartment. I've been doing research but there are so many different opinions on how "loud" a GCC is! I would not risk getting a bird if I am not able to care for it for the foreseeable future, so if a GCC is not right for apartment living...
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    How do I tell a conure "no" to keep it from doing something again? I get bit sometimes and I want them to know that I don't like it. I have two and they're both green-cheek conures. Also, is there a way to keep them quiet if they have a random chirping spree? I don't want to use food as a means...
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    Annoying problem

    Hi! I'm new here so cut me some slack. I've had my rainbow lorikeet for quite a while now. He has started talking and can say a few words, not much though. However, recently he has started making this loud long annoying noise. Its really irritating and especially in the early mornings...
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    Quaker is so loud. Is there any method of keeping him quiet during the day?

    When I leave the room, he won't stop screaming. When I'm with him, but I'm not giving him attention, he's screaming, but not as often (thank God). Is there anything i can do to quiet him down? I've tried music and the blanket over the cage thing, and it barely works.
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    the happening of the squeeky vacuume wheel

    So, my pi Eva is quite vocally talented. At only 4 months old she actually impresses me. Although, in the midst of teaching her not to screech when I leave the room, our wonderful old vacuume decided to bestow upon us a squeeky wheel.. now, the great part about this, is that this wheel actually...
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    Constant Screaming

    My parrot is constantly screaming. Every five minutes, theres a loud scream coming from the living room. I'm okay if she would only do it every now and then, as that's normal, but it's very excessive. Her previous owners would give her attention when she would scream, so she learned to scream...
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    Two different screaming situations I'd like to work on -- Is it possible?

    So Oliver has always screamed for me when I leave the room or come home from somewhere. This isn't much of an issue because the birds are upstairs and you can only sort of hear them when the door is closed. However in the mornings they wake me up with the screaming and I'd like to try to train...
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    Female electus wont stop screaming-help!!!

    Hey there ive had Ruby for approx 6 months now and the last month she gets on these screaming rants which is so loud it scares me half to death! Can anyone help please? I love this bird to death but its getting to the point where I am so close to giving her away :( Please help!:red1:
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    Question about how loud GGC can get.

    I recently adopted a 6 month old Green Cheek Conure, he is totally adorable and sweet. My main concern with him is how loud he can get. He was silent the entire first day I had him except for when I went to put him to bed. He squawked and screamed for about 45 minutes. I know this is common, but...
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    new member. ? about screeching lovebird

    long story short about 3 months ago i got two lovebirds. one is a peach face and she was vary calm and quite and then started to screech a lil here and there. now jump fwd to present time, from when i take the blanket off the cage in the morning till i put it back on at night all she does is...