1. Z

    Separating Ringneck couple

    Hey I bought a young couple of ringnecks last year, i think they're are 2 years old, Frank and Betty, the male hasn't developped his ring yet(which means he hasn't reached maturity) I wanted to have some babies this year, but it doesn't look like they will, at least till next year. I also bought...
  2. S

    Female white capped Pionus sexual maturity

    Hi guys, for the past few weeks I have been building a relationship with my darling Suki. She is about 1 year old. I have read and tried finding new information on how female Pionus parrots become at sexual maturity . Now Suki still has a little ways to go before she reaches that point in her...
  3. CeliaCelie

    Sun Conure Maturity...? Companion...?

    So I'm a new bird mom to a sweet 9 month old Sun Conure. (We've had him 3 months) He's an absolute cuddly sweetheart and me and my boyfriend love our little screaming mango. The only thing I'm worried about is the personality change when he hits maturity. I was wondering if a companion would...
  4. R

    Do birds go through biting phases with age?

    Hey guys! I have a question! So my Kakariki is going to be 3 months old in a couple of days. Lately she's been in crazy bite mode. She is a friendly bird, I can pet her and hold her. She's just been biting everything lately. Fingers, clothes, ears, hair, neck, floor, purse, toys, anything in...
  5. J

    Eclectus in heat

    I have a gorgeous female Solomon Island Eclectus named Oriana. I raised her from the time she was a grey ball of fuzz. She attended college, etc. with me and is very well socialized. She has even done pet therapy in nursing homes, etc. She is nearly 14. I suffered through her terrible twos...
  6. H

    Possibly getting a White Bellied Caique

    Hi, I am currently deciding on bringing home an approx 6 yr old (per previous owner) white bellied caique from a local parrot store. This caique has lived in two previous homes and is now being rehomed due to a divorce between the current owners. I have visited him twice so far and he...
  7. A

    My Goffin is terrified =( please help!

    I have had my Goffin cockatoo for five years now. She is my only non-rescue bird, since I had wanted the experience of having a baby that would recognize me as her mother (instead of my mom). I wanted to raise her in a healthy, ideal environment so she would not have fear, behavior issues, or...