Do birds go through biting phases with age?


Aug 6, 2014
Hey guys! I have a question!

So my Kakariki is going to be 3 months old in a couple of days.

Lately she's been in crazy bite mode. She is a friendly bird, I can pet her and hold her. She's just been biting everything lately. Fingers, clothes, ears, hair, neck, floor, purse, toys, anything in my room really. And she has been going after the turquoisine she is housed with.

Since she is 3 months old, is this a phase since she is maturing? I presume it is because she has always been hand tame and friendly. And I can still handle her. She loves to sit on my shoulder, she flys to me.

I just don't get the sudden biting. Is it an age thing? Never had a Kakariki this young before. I've had her since she was 6 weeks old. So I'm not sure
I do not know about a Kakariki, but my green cheek conures have all gone through a biting stage.

I just let them bite and do not give them the satisfaction of entertaining reaction. They get bored eventually. Or, if not that, try to distract them. If I know what they are biting me for, I train them to use a new method for my attention. One of my conures will tell me "Stop" when she does not want something. She does this instead of biting now.

Alternately, you could wait for the phase to pass. It is possible that it will get worse, but I think equally possible that she will grow out of it. Sometimes birds change when they grow up. I do know that Kakarikis are very flighty. I have not heard of one that is readily tame. I am not an expert on Kakarikis, though.

I wish you luck! Not sure if this helps you, but I hope it can give you ideas.

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