Possibly getting a White Bellied Caique


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Feb 20, 2011

I am currently deciding on bringing home an approx 6 yr old (per previous owner) white bellied caique from a local parrot store. This caique has lived in two previous homes and is now being rehomed due to a divorce between the current owners.

I have visited him twice so far and he appears very sweet. He has bit me once, but I don't blame him, due to the fact that I was holding him while another lady tried to grab him from me, so he reached down and bit me (human error on her part). He loves being held, scratched, and even held upside down!

Given he is a rehome, the parrot store lady does want to provide a "disclaimer" to any potential buyers that he does have his "off & on mean modes." I see this as typical for any parrot, but have read that it can be more seen in caiques, given their high energy levels.

Does anyone think that he is going through maturity, given he is roughly 6 yrs old, which may be causing the mood swings, or is he too old for that? I am really wanting to purchase him, but want to hear further opinions, so any advise is welcomed. As I mentioned, he appears to be very sweet and has a lot of personality.

On a side note, he is currently priced at $700, but I am trying to negotiate the price. Caiques seem to be priced very high in my area (Idaho), so I am not too scared away by his price.

Thanks in advance!
White bellied Caiques from my experience usually range 900-1200 dollars if you get them right after they are weaned and at pet stores like petco etc they are closer to 1500.

700 is a fair price i guess especially from a pet store. I you are able to handle him especially only meeting him once or twice that is a pretty good bird. I mean think of all the stress he has prob went through moving in with the 1st owners then being shipped off to the pet store. I would be ecstatic to be able to handle a rehomed 2 year old bird let alone 6.

If you like him put a hold on him and go meet him a few more times. Caiques are great. I have never met one that was not lovable (although i read quite a few that have)
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Thank you, rochesteralexk, for your reply. And yes, I never thought about the fact that he is a rehome (x2) and is trusting me to hold/play with him. I guess it's that much more of a positive thing. Plus, I know that the owner of the parrot store is real picky about who the rehomed birds go to, so it's definitely a good thing that she trusts me to possibly take him.
I'm going to take your advice and visit him a couple more times before making my decision.
Please keep the responses coming!
Hey, I know you from another site. LOL...the one all about caiques...
I think you will do great with your new caique...caiques aren't for the faint of heart and you have bird experience so I think you will be just fine.
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Haha! You caught me! Ya I just wanna do as much research as I can so that I make a smart choice.
UPDATE: I've actually found someone who is very interested in my green cheek conure, so I'm thinking about letting her have him, which would give me even more time for the caique. Decisions, decisions...
Caiques are crazy! I love Puck though.

If you want to know more about the mood swings, look at some of the older posts in this forum. I've made a few regarding this. I don't think he's the easiest bird to live with, to be honest, but he is fun.

He loves meeting new people, and generally visiting with non-me people, so much that if he is having fun sitting on someone else's finger (which he loooves) he will yell at me and bite me if I try to pick him up. D:

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