1. Z

    Caique - Growth Timeline?

    Hi everyone! I have an 8-month old male WBC, who i adore! Lately friends and family have told me he's grown a lot, I just figured he must be filling out nicely! I honestly thought he must have stopped growing by now, but I tried to do some research on what happens between 3/4 months - puberty...
  2. Anicas_Macaw

    Macaw has stopped Mimicking

    My parents got a macaw when I was about 8. His name his Jeffery and we aren’t exactly sure of his age but we were told he was around 20 at the time. My parents got divorced and after all the kids moved out my mom stopped caring for him almost almtogether. He didn’t get any time out of his cage...
  3. VolcanoBakemeat

    He mimicks my voice and now THIS

    I once bought my conure a flight suit so I could take him out with me more. I got him comfortable around it enough to actually wear it, but all he does when I get it on him is squint and stare at me. For a long time. He'll move around and talk and act normally, but whenever I turn and make...