not tame

  1. Quetki

    Does anyone know how to tame a parent-raised bird?

    I bought a bird and was told it was hand-raised, but I highly doubt it. It's terrified of hands. The owner said she hadn't spent much time with it. I thought she meant it recently, but I'm starting to think she didn't spend time with it at all. My first Conure came hand-raised and never was...
  2. KatRaft

    Yellow-naped Amazons searching for new home

    Yellow-naped Amazons in search of a new home. This "pair" has not been sexed. They share a cage and get along very well and must stay together. They are not hand tame. Their names are Charlie and Rosa. Located in Reno, NV. Charlie came to our home first after his elderly owner passed away...
  3. Zack

    I have had a Budgie for almost a year now but she still isn't tame can someone help?

    As the title suggests I have had a Budgie for almost a year and she still hates me. What do I do? :( She LOVES my other bird Clyde, he is a cockatiel. My Budgie will only get on me when Clyde is on me! When clyde leaves she follows. Please Help!
  4. S

    Why is my new baby gc conure still afraid of me?

    I bought a baby gc conure two days ago; he is supposed to be hand fed. There seems to be partial truth to this, because he wasn't fully mature when I got him, and I still have to spoon feed him once or twice per day. (he readily accepts it) What I don't understand is his fear of me, and his...