1. A


    I have a 5 and a half year old Green cheek conure. When I first got him at 6 months he was alone and then I had parakeets in the house with him that he got along with and when one of the two parakeets died the remaining one would sleep in his cage. They were together in the same cage for two to...
  2. PapayaTheQuaker

    Need Help! Possible partner for my quaker?

    Hi! Papaya is one year and a half old now! Yay! He has come a long way from when he has first arrived but he still is very cage aggressive. I'm about to start grad school and I've been thinking of getting him a possible partner so he won't be lonely, as I will be attending more intense classes...
  3. S

    Female Budgie left her partner in big cage and went to other male in small cage

    My female budgie who has been living with her male partner for more than 8 weeks suddenly decided to change her home and partner. She voluntarily went to a new smaller home with this new male that I had rescued 6 weeks ago. The female budgie often got angry at her previous male partner when he...
  4. A

    Parrot Partner Grieving

    Hello y'all. I know I haven't been on in years, and I'm sorry that I come with such unfortunate news. Tonight Blaze, our Green Cheek, unexpectedly passed away. We're not exactly sure what happened, but we believe she punctured her gullet in a stroke of bad luck. We were with her to the end, and...