1. Libbi24

    GCC constantly trying to mate with my quaker

    Hi! This is a problem I didn’t ever see myself having with my birds but here we are lol! If you’ve read my previous threads you know that I rescued a Quaker parrot (who has settled in wonderfully!) I’ve recently took Tofu to the vets, she’s got a lack of muscles in her wings so she can’t fly...
  2. C


    Hi everyone, First of all thank you for your kind replies to my last post. Lou Lou is my first bigger bird and I want to make sure she is healthy and happy. She comes out of her cage more often now and seems to have no problems flying. Yesterday I noticed though that she (especially in the...
  3. MarleeQuake

    Quaker Plucking for ‘Nesting’

    I’ve heard of birds plucking for their nests, and my parrot now has a bare spot on her chest after laying four eggs. Her designated nesting location is the top of her cage with liner, and we do have a low plate of food for the mother, but she seems to be losing feathers either way. Whether or...
  4. C

    Quaker 6 months old white feather?

    Hi everyone, I am a new quaker owner and have just recently noticed my quaker is growing some random white feathers around his body and when i touch them they are not as soft as the rest of his body. Does anyone know what this is?? Please help, i am worried.:greenyellow: I have attached some...