Quaker Plucking for ‘Nesting’


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Apr 6, 2020
I’ve heard of birds plucking for their nests, and my parrot now has a bare spot on her chest after laying four eggs. Her designated nesting location is the top of her cage with liner, and we do have a low plate of food for the mother, but she seems to be losing feathers either way. Whether or not its from sitting on the eggs, having moved the feathers, is possible since there wasn’t too many feathers around (some might have drifted off, but there were around two).
I’m worried that she’s plucking from stress.
As this is my first time dealing with this, her health is my top priority.

Any suggestions on how to deal with the egg laying or plucking would be appreciated!
Generally the area that some birds pluck for nesting is slightly lower--where their abdomen would hit the eggs (brood patch).
Hormones and sexual frustration can also cause them to pluck.
Were these viable eggs? Did they hatch?

If she did this without a partner, make sure you remove all shadowy spaces and pet only on the head and neck.

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