quaker parrot

  1. M

    Quaker Help? C:

    Hi, I'm new to this website so I apologize ahead of time if I posted this in the wrong place! Well anyway let me begin my long story.... XD you probably won't believe me though! Well anyway I got a Quaker Parrot around 4 weeks ago but not by normal means this little cutie flew into my neighbors...
  2. Chia At 5 Months

    Chia At 5 Months

    Chia is our 5 month old Quaker. She says quite a few words and is a joy. We have 14 grandchildren and she interacts well surprisingly.
  3. K

    Please help! My quaker parrot wont stop biting!

    A couple weeks ago i bought a 3 yr old quaker parrot with his cage and all off of craigslist. Every time you put your hands near him, even just on the bars of his cage he freaks out, lunges at my hand and it sounds almost like he hisses? Is he doing this because he just needs more time to get...
  4. S

    First time bird owner with aggressive rehomed bird

    (sorry for the rambling) my dad just got a Quaker Parrot for the family, He/she is 1 to 2 years old. The original owners neglected him/her and its unknown how much handling hes actually had. Then my cousin had him for just a month and her kids used to occasionally beat on his cage. He has...
  5. T

    Newbie needing help!!

    Hi guys, i've just brought home an 8 weeks old baby :whiteblue: . there's a few questions i do have if anyone can help me it would be amazing! 1. when i first brought her home she was really quiet but the next day she was chirping and making lots of noises , is it because she's stressed or...
  6. P

    HELP my Quaker is plucking and biting herself!!!!

    I have a one year old quaker parrot. I just took her to the vet a few days ago and they did blood work on her they found nothing, she has a big distructable toy, gets bathes, all that. The vet had me use a soothing spray on her that just seem to make it worst so im stoping use. Is there anyone...
  7. G

    What bird is right for me?

    I am looking to get a bird in the near future. I want a small parrot species that would be good in an apartment. This is my first bird, and while I have done some research, I know that I know next to nothing about having a bird. Aside from fish, there are no other pets in the apartment. What I...
  8. Bean The Blue Quaker

    Bean The Blue Quaker

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    Bird Advice

    Hello, I have recently adopted my first ever birds! One is a quaker parrot, and the other a green-cheek conure. A friend of mine simply had too many pets including cats, a ferret, a scarlet macaw, a cockatoo, an amazon parrot, and these guys all living in his bedroom. Undoubtedly some were...