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  1. fruitsnax

    Quaker screaming and bobbing whenever I talk?

    Hi! new here and just joined because of some questions I have about my young female Quaker! Whenever she's perched on me or nearby and I start talking, she begins to squawk and bob her head tons! I'm not really sure why, because she isn't afraid of my presence when I'm silent or making clicking...
  2. M

    I need advice for my Quaker Parrot! Please Reply!

    Okay so I have a baby Quaker 3 months old (20 weeks old) and I've had him for maybe a little over a month now and I was wondering how long it takes them to get used to their owners? He's very skittish and doesn't let my hands by him, he won't step up unless I have a treat and it's a wood dowel...
  3. R

    QP Highly Territorial and Sitting at Bottom of Cage

    Hello. My Quaker parrot, Gumi, has been acting differently than usual lately. She’s 3 years old and usually hangs on the bars of the cage, but recently she’s been sitting at the bottom. She’s also become highly territorial, lunging and screeching at the cats from within her cage whenever they...
  4. T


    So I have had my quaker parrot Boogie for about 4 months now and it’s definitely nothing like I expected. She bonded with me almost immediately which was great but she is aggressive towards my other bird, in hindsight I definitely should’ve done more research and now I think the birds not...
  5. T

    New Bird Alert!

    Hello! My names Titan and I just recently joined Parrot Forums with the hope of learning new ways to give my birds the best life possible. I currently have one male cockatiel named Phish who I’ve had for around 6 months now. Sometimes he’s a little demon but I love him regardless. I also decided...
  6. K

    should i get my quaker a friend?

    So i have a young quaker. i was thinking of getting him a cage mate. i have two cockatiels and they do really well together. it made me think if he would too. my quaker Ori loves me very much but isn’t a fan of my family. when we go on family holidays my mother always stays with the animals...
  7. K

    Quaker’s and Parrots

    I’m in a bit of a pickle here. I’ll be attending college as a freshman next year in Pennsylvania, and I want to bring my Quaker with me; she is my everything. While Quaker’s aren’t illegal in Virginia (where I live currently) they are invasive species in PA and will be euthanized if discovered...
  8. S

    Kiwi the baby quaker

    Hi All, I am Sef and live i Malta, i am an animal lover and i always had a pet in my life, being dog, cat, giunie pigs, birds u name it. I moved out of my mums house with my partner and 5 year old kid and decided to bring a bit of joy to the fam by getting a parrot. I wanted a blue macaw...
  9. S

    Adopted quakers, grumpy! Help!

    Hi everyone! I own a pet store, and was surrendered two Quaker parrots with not a lot of background history so I will give everything I know about them here: Lulu - female we were told, “hates” children and men, had a mate before but died(?) is 2-4 years old. She has a bald spot at the base of...
  10. V

    Houdini loves me... aggressively

    I have a quaker named Houdini who is about a year old. I remember being so thrilled when she first let me hold her, but now I can't seem to get her off of me. This wouldn't be an issue if she wasn't hurting me. She likes to preen my hair but she does it so aggressively that she's pulling my hair...
  11. C

    Adjusting is hard, but I'll always love you

    Yoshi was a rambunctious 9 year old little devil—he ruled the house and he knew it. I have cats and dogs and they all begged and listen to the all-powerful Quaker. He somehow convinced my dogs his food was dog-treats, and often had them begging and doing tricks for him. The cats ignored him, and...
  12. V

    Help! Quaker bird left outside by old owner need help asap

    Ok so I live in Yonkers,NY and my neighbor across the street left their quaker outside in the cold. As an human being who actually cares about animals, I quickly brought him/her into my home. Now I know nothing about parrots or owning one. So I've been calling around all day today to find a...
  13. DaisyJoe


    Hello everyone. I just signed up here. I have a blue Quaker Parrot,Daisy, and a little over a year ago I got an Eclectus, O Joe. I've had Daisy 11 years. I got on here to learn more about Eclectus parrots.
  14. Arthur


  15. Hello From Smalls.

    Hello From Smalls.

    He is a Quaker Parrot I have had since he was 8 weeks old, and quite a character!
  16. Hello From Smalls.

    Hello From Smalls.

    Smalls is my Monk Parakeet, aka, Quaker Parrot that I got when he was 8 weeks old. He is quite a character, and such a great companion.
  17. Hello From Smalls.

    Hello From Smalls.

    Smalls is my Monk Parakeet, aka, Quaker Parrot that I got when he was 8 weeks old. He is quite a character, and such a great companion.
  18. Hello From Smalls.

    Hello From Smalls.

    Smalls is my Monk Parakeet, aka, Quaker Parrot that I got when he was 8 weeks old. He is quite a character, and such a great companion.
  19. T

    Quaker on a Rampage

    I'm a first time bird owner with a two year old quaker parrot named Nyx who is the light of my life. He's goofy and lovable and a really great companion, but I've started having problems with him the last month. I have five zebra finches as well, including two females, and I usually had them in...
  20. A

    New Quaker Parrot

    Hi! I recently acquired a quaker parrot from a not-so-great home and we're trying to adjust to eachother. His name is Nico and he just came into my life this morning. I was wondering if you guys could help me understand some of his behaviour? When I first met him he was very bitey, drawing a...