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Mar 27, 2014
Hi, I'm new to this website so I apologize ahead of time if I posted this in the wrong place! Well anyway let me begin my long story.... XD you probably won't believe me though! Well anyway I got a Quaker Parrot around 4 weeks ago but not by normal means this little cutie flew into my neighbors apt (I live in a small APT. building so all the tenants are really close) and scared the hell out of my neighbor and well she ran out screaming I heard the scream and ran out preparing for the worst XD with a spatula I was cooking and when I did her boyfriend managed to swat the bird out of their APT which it then flew into mine. Well long story short I decided I would keep the bird till I found it's owner, I did what I thought was best and put up posters but no one picked him up :/ Well I thought I guess I'll keep him cause I already got so attached by that time and now I own a Quaker XD! Though it's my first time owning a bird so I brought him to an Avian vet and the vet explained what to feed him, how to hold and take care of him etc. He also told me that my bird needed a leg band? I have no idea what that is and well I'm trying to figure out how to get him/she one and thats how I stumbled here! c: Well anyway I guess what I'm trying to ask is how can I get him/her a leg band? UM and if it helps I live in NYC and a college student so yeah I'm pretty poor lol.

Again sorry for this being so long! But any help would be so appreciated and/or advice afterall I want my Antonio(bird's name) happy! :green:


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Apr 23, 2010
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Leg bands are typically put on baby birds by the breeder. The information they include varies, but usually, the year or full date the bird was hatched may be on the band, along with an abbreviation for the state where the bird was hatched or quarantined. Full, closed bands are applied to one leg of a baby bird, while a band put on a mature parrot will be an open band, shaped roughly like the letter C. I would check with the vet who examined your Quaker and see if he could band your parrot or suggest where you might have it done.

Some parrots become irritated or annoyed with their leg bands and they later must be removed (usually by an avian vet). My QP Ralph fussed with his so much he was in danger of injuring his leg or foot, so the band was removed at his very first vet visit.


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Mar 29, 2014
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I am also trying to see what options i can look into to make sure my Galileo (quaker) is safe. I just bought a harness and a leash and i am very excited to start our adventures outside but i am scared he will get out of his harness outside and fly away :(

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