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    Help with male eclectus - 18 weeks old

    Hey Guys, New member here, first post. I need help with my male eckie please. He is 18 weeks old and isn't fully weaned, as the breeder believes that its okay to continue feeding them formula on top of fresh fruit and vegetables, for as long as they want it. The issue is, the past 2 days he...
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    newly adopted alexandrine

    hi all! today i adopted my first alexandrine. I have done all my research before purchasing however i do have one question. i have put her into her new home which is a parrot cage that is heaps big for her however she has spent the last 5 hours in a quiet area doing laps of the roof hanging...
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    Help My New Eclectus To Settle In

    I just adopted a Eclectus parrot named Angel, and she's about 6. I brought her home 3 days ago, so she's still settling in. My issue is, I have to go away for a few days, and I know this is an important time for her to get to know me. My parents are going to take care of her, but how can I make...
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    Just adopted a 3 year old amazon, advice please!

    Hello, I've just joined this forum so I'm trying to get used to it (took me ages to work out how to even post a forum haha) anyway, one of our neighbours has a family member who has needed to make a big change in his life by re-homing his beautiful 3 year old amazon parrot. My family were...