Help My New Eclectus To Settle In



I just adopted a Eclectus parrot named Angel, and she's about 6. I brought her home 3 days ago, so she's still settling in. My issue is, I have to go away for a few days, and I know this is an important time for her to get to know me. My parents are going to take care of her, but how can I make sure she knows that I'll be the one caring for her for the rest of our lives? Will she get confused, or will it not matter?

Also, like I said, she's still settling in, so she's aggressive, biting and marking her territory in her cage. As an Eclectus, and really just as a parrot, I know she needs exercise, but I'm not able to bring her out, and when I leave the cage door open for her to climb out on her own, she just stays in her cage. Should I just let her be, or is there a trick I should know?

It sounds like it won't matter much if you need to be away for a few days...just make sure her cage can be serviced from the outside, so no one gets bit trying to care for her while you're gone.

Just leave the door open, talk to her softly and give her time. From what I understand though, female Eclectus are pretty cage territorial, so once she's ready, you might want to try to stick train her and then try to interact with her away from her cage.

An eclectus parront might have better advice though....
When I left Oliver the first time I made a list for my husband and sons to follow and put important information such as the Vets name and number. I placed the list in a laminated folder and bring it out every time I leave...guess you could say I have a "control" issue...

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