2m. GCC toy situation

    Hey everyone, I adopted my 2 month old GCC Kiwi, a couple weeks ago, and he's doing pretty good. The first few days having him all he wanted was cuddles and food, he would slowly warm up to us (he was always friendly to us, I'm just noticing that he trusts us more and more and gets excited when...
  2. attycakes

    Floral grass for Foraging toy?

    Hi guys! I have been trying to get creative and find new ways to create toys and keep my fids entertained and engaged during their play time. I have been working with them and making foraging toys so that have something to get their little destructive spurts of energy out on something that is...
  3. eliholtman

    Coconut hut concerns

    Okay so I've been looking at some new toys and stuff for a budgie and was wondering if these coconut cove things are safe for them I saw some things ab the rope not being good if they chew on it and if anyone has it do you like it??
  4. fowlstack

    Christmas Toy

    Hi all. I have this foraging toy that Rio just ignores. With Santa coming soon I will gladly send this to anyone interested. It is for a med to large bird, but a macaw would probably have trouble getting his beak in the opening. The blocks are 2X2" with the overall length of the acrylic toy is...
  5. Uglow

    Sneezing caused by coconut hull. Just a warning.

    Got Uglow a new toy yesterday. This one had chunks of coconut hulls hanging from it to which he went nuts over. 10 minutes into it he had a sneezing fit that wouldn't stop. I took the toy away from him and put him in the shower until it cleared up. I took the toy apart and removed the...
  6. G

    Help from Cockatoo Owners?

    Hi everyone. I am an undergraduate student doing work on cockatoo play behaviour. I will be working with 12 hand-reared individuals in a lab but will have very limited time so I don't think I will be able to do pilot testing. So I would like to know if parrot owners (specifically Goffin...
  7. H

    Trouble with Bird Toys

    I have a Green Cheek Conure and I'm having trouble getting him toys. He really doesn't like it when they are wobbly or they move. Most of the bird toys I'm told to get or are given are like that. He doesn't like ropes or swings at all. What kind of toy should I get him?
  8. R

    Funny/Short toy story

    I just realized my title is Toy Story.. Ha Ha, like the movie.. okay well here is my "toy" story: So the little ones (my Kakariki, Cleo :green1: and Turquoisine, Merlin:green:) were actually really enjoying their swing today. I haven't really seen them use it. But so at one point Merlin jumped...
  9. N

    How to make Pine safe for birds.

    Many of us desire to make our own perches out of trees growing nearby, but the question of what is safe and what is not is always an issue. Pine is safe, but only when cured. Cured means the pitch has been removed. Pine pitch contains turpentine, a somewhat toxic substance used to remove oil...
  10. Home Made Toy Basket

    Home Made Toy Basket

    i bought the basket and rope and wood beads at Michaels craft store...they seem to like it
  11. New Toy

    New Toy

    Pineapple enjoying a new hand-made toy. It's fun to use parts from old toys and use them for new ones!