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    Can I have 2 budgies and a Turq parakeet in the same cage?

    I recently rescued 3 birds (2 budgies and 1 turquoisine parakeet). They have been living in extremely small cages right next to each other for years. I feel horrible for the Turk as she is all alone and I would love for her to be around other birds (there is nowhere near me to get another turq)...
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    Kakariki plucking my turquoisine

    So my Kakariki is now 3 and a half months old. She thinks she owns the place but she's young and learning. She's in this bite mode where she needs to check everything out with her beak, toys, clothes, ears, neck, hands, floor, whatever. She's maturing. I can still pick her up though although she...
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    Opinion on arrangement for new bird(s).

    Please don't judge immediately about the fact that I am asking this question so soon after Cleo. :23::19_indiff This has been a difficult week already. So let me explain: 1. Merlin has been crying so much that he has made more noise the past 2 days than the entirety that I owned him and Cleo...
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    What should I name my new birds?

    I have a little male turquoisine (the rainbow one) and a female kakariki (the yellow and green one with the red head). I am stuck between 2 sets of names. Turq - Merlin Kak - Zelda (Like Merlin from Sword in the Stone, and Legend of Zelda) Or Kak - Merry Turq - Pippin (Like from Lord of...
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    Turquoisine info please? (Grass Parakeet)

    I brought home my 2 new birds today, but I really don't know much about 1 of them. It is a Turquoisine. He's so tiny and just sits there (he did that even at the breeder's house.) I've always wanted one, and now I have him, but don't know too much about how they are as PETS. All I know is that...
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    Miracle after Tiki's death

    A miracle happened today. Fate or coincidence? I think fate. So I found 1 single breeder of Kakarikis in Queens, NY. There are only a few in the United States and they are typically in California (where this breeder actually goes and gets them) and that is after they are imported from New...