1. S

    My father's macaw passed away tonight due to egg binding. Did the vets give poor advice?

    Hello all. As the title states, my father's Blue and Gold Macaw, Mango, passed away today at the age of around 29 years old due to egg binding. I am writing this thread to ask for opinions on whether or not the veterinarians provided the right advice on how to handle Mango's health. I want to...
  2. M

    URGENT Avian vet West London Needed

    Hi all, My green cheek conure was badly bitten by my jack russell earlier and is in a very bad shape. He is not able to stand, barely keeping his eyes open, not drinking water, not eating food. Every now and then he will flap his wings violently then will calm down again. He has two wounds on...
  3. S


    So I went to the vet yesterday and they gave me a pill -I believe it’s name is carnitrix- they told me to either feed him it directly or crush it and put it with the food. My first question is that the food I’ll feed him is going to be moist as he has to be hand fed because he’s weak? Second...
  4. A

    how do I nurse galah back to health.

    Ok sorry but English is not my first language. okay, I'm really stressed and exhausted and, just freaking out. My galah was tired and droopy yesterday so I took him to the vet yesterday, the vet suspected some kind of poisoning but the lab results are not in yet. The doctor gave him...
  5. R

    Vet, Blood work, Xray & So many questions

    Hello, // This is going to be a long wall of text but please read it if you have time. I am very stressed and confused. So I have a cockatiel, a very small cockatiel at that. He is almost a year old and I weigh him every morning and night. In the mornings he is typically between the weight...
  6. MelloYello

    Vets in Austin area

    Does anyone know any reputable vets around Austin? Thank you in advance! Have a lovely day!
  7. Tiel

    Feces test and viral/bacterial infection

    Hey Parrot Mom/Dad community! After having a talk with my avian vet I decided to deliver a feces sample to his lab, but I have a general question that I forgot to ask my vet: Can feces determine infections such as chlamydia? Or do you specifically require a blood sample for that? I really doubt...
  8. R

    Budgie Is Bleeding

    Budgie is Hurt Please Help! Hi, It’s been awhile since I’ve used the forums so I’m not sure if I’m using it right again but I’m not really sure what to do. I took my two budgies to the bird store I got them from to get their nails trimmed. Usually the owner does the grooming and it goes well...
  9. P

    Lovebird’s Lame Foot

    Hi everyone, hope you’re all safe and well. This is a bit of a long read but I’d really appreciate if anyone can help us out. I have a lovebird who is around 2 years old On June 30th we noticed jellybeans right foot was weak, and his right wing slightly droopy. He was still able to walk and...
  10. E

    Bald under wings

    I have a 9 year old rosella that has pretty big bald patches under both his wings, he's been to the vet for multiple tests including beak and feather disease, mites and liver disease but all came back clear. My vet doesn't seem to think it's caused by plucking because there's no irritation, and...
  11. I

    Question on causes of yeast infection in parrots?

    So just got Kermit's results back from the vets for her yearly visit, and they look awesome!... sort of. Her blood and metabolic panel came back very well. She has no sign of infection, deficiencies, etc. Except from her gram stain, the testing lab found "many" yeast. Kermit had this issue...
  12. M

    Is my parakeet going to be okay? Please answer

    My parakeet began throwing up clear liquid this afternoon, is lethargic, and not behaving normally. I took her to the vet, they did a physical on her and said everything seemed normal. They said they could do x-rays and other diagnosis things, but they said the stress could potentially kill her...
  13. I

    Kermit VS Vet, Round 2

    It seems to be the season for vet visits in the conure section... I opted to take her in 4 months early. Lately I've been having a funny feeling about her health. Sometimes I worry she's not active enough, or the occasional bubble in her poop, and in light of the seizures in January I'm...
  14. F

    Help! Conure might of swallowed a washer.

    The conure was playing on top of her cage. Located on top this cage was a metal washer and nut that had came loose from her jungle gym. She was found playing around with the nut that was loose. However, when I went to screw the nut back on the washer was missing. Furthermore, She managed...
  15. V

    Free resource for bird Q&A - responses by vets

    Hi, I'm adopting an eclectus and have had quite a lot of questions. I found a free resource,, where the questions are answered by vets and vet techs. I thought it was extremely helpful so just passing it along. The vet who responded suggested a book for new bird owners, BIRDS...
  16. G

    sick conure, long train ride

    hi, i've only had my ggc two weeks, and he is my first bird. im pretty sure he's never been to a vet, im not sure of his age, but he's starting to molt, im also pretty sure hes under a year. today he woke up with a funny small sounding voice which lasted about a minute, and hes sounded like hes...
  17. K


  18. D

    Sick cockatiel

    Hiya, new member here! My cockatiel, Pan seems to be a little sick (I think a respiratory infection of a sort (maybe)). He's just as active and eats as normal but I did catch him breathing heavily for a little while. I've booked an appointment with an avian vet but the earliest I could book is...
  19. P

    Blue Head - Tongue Growth

    Hi All! My Blue Head has developed what appears to be some form of a growth under his tongue. This is causing him what I believe, to eat less. His keel is protruding more than normal. The vet just weighed him at 260 grams. Blood test shows elevated white blood cell count and before the...
  20. T

    How to get unhandable amazon in carrier??

    Hi! I'm back with a new questions about my rescue orange winged amazon Bonnie. Turns out poetaster we got Bonnie from just got slapped with assault and kidnapping charges. They got into a disagreement about reptile care and locked the door and beat up a few customers. Whats more, when we called...