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20 questions: parrot edition!


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Aug 30, 2021
Indiana, USA
Ziggy, Kai, and Seiji (blue, yellowface, and dilute budgies)
Jasper (yellow-naped amazon)
Lilla (senegal parrot)
Snowberry (yellow-crowned amazon)
Cricket (pacific parrotlet)
So basically how this works is you think of a parrot species and people get to ask questions and try to figure out what species it is. A good time to brush up your bird species knowledge!
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GaleriaGila: no
Tikitiel: no
Also, whichever questions you like...just nothing that will seriously give it away, like "what is it?" but nobody will ask that
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Tikitiel: yes
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Rival_of_the_Rickeybird: yes
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Sulfur-crested 'too is correct! Great job, Tikitiel! You can now think of something.
ive thought of something start guessing!
ill make it a bit easier since mine is hard ill give a clue to who ever gets the first 10 questions wrong

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