3 kakariki in the same cage


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May 15, 2019

My name is Manon, I come from Belgium. I need a answer very quickly :confused:

I've had a kakariki couple for several months. They're going fine, they seem very in love ;)

But, yesterday, I rescued a blue female kakariki. She's 4 months but absolutely sweet. I put her in cage, alone, just next to the couple cage so they could see each other. The couple was curious, turned around the cage and the newcomer.

This morning, I let all of them fly away out of their cages. The first real approach of the new bird. The two others attacked her ! She's young and in a new environment. It was so saaad !

Now, the male is alone in the smallest cage. The two female are calm in the big cage. But the older refuse to let the other come to her. The new one has just taken a bath and eaten. They ignore each other. But when the young girl comes near the other female, the old one attack ...

In the other hand, the male is furious. He has been shouting for more than an hour in the cage, alone, in a other room ...

I don't know what to do ...

Thanks for your help :)



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May 11, 2018
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Ok, wow; where is everybody with the advice?

Hello, Manon.

If I understand, you brought a young female into the house with your bird couple, and let them all fly together the next day?

That's too soon to have let them interact together. They probably see her as an interloper in their territory and that is why she was attacked.

Most importantly, and you will see this written all over this board, you can not let a new bird mingle with your birds, because you may be exposing them to disease, etc.
A new bird must always be quarantined, as in, kept away from your birds.

Did you take this new bird to the avian veterinarian, yet? It's important to have it's health checked, ASAP. And of course now that it's been attacked.

How many cages do you have and what are their sizes, in cm?

Your male is now upset and scared. Your female is now upset and scared.

Your new bird is upset, scared and has been attacked.
She needs to see a vet, now, and be in her own cage, away from the other two, and in a calm place.

Also, where did the new bird come from?

Please reply and let us know how things are going.

Also search around the board, regarding bringing home a new bird --and read, read, and then read some more about it.
There is a lot of i information about this on this board, mostly saying the same thing, plus more!

Scroll all the way up to the top right, and there is the Search function.

Edit: Remove the new young bird from the cage with the female, NOW.

If your female attacked her along with the male, why would you put them together and endanger the young one, again? Get her out of there, NOW. PLEASE. Or risk having this young one attacked, hurt badly or killed.

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