3 month old budgie died suddenly

Jan 12, 2024
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In September, I decided to get a budgie who I named Cicero after I lost another 3 month old budgie to a broken neck. I wanted to get a friend for Sparky, as he seemed lonely, but now that I think about it, maybe I shouldn’t because Sparky’s health isn’t the greatest recently, and I don’t want to stress him out. Cicero came from a good breeder in my area, but he unfortunately was not hand tamed. The other bad thing was that I was forced to have his wings clipper before I took him home, just like all my other birds. They were right, he was not at all tame and got scared when I opened his cage to get him clean food and water and even clean the bottom. Well about 11 days later as I was putting all the rest of my pets to bed, I found him dead on the bottom of the cage. He was showing no signs of sickness, had no visible lumps, no broken bones or injuries, I kept his dishes and liners clean, he was eating and drinking a normal amount, and there were no signs of external parasites. Unfortunately it is too late to do a necropsy, as he died in September, and we already buried him. Does anyone have any ideas how he died? Btw this cage was only to be used temporarily


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Sorry for your loss, but its impossible to even hazard a guess at this late date as to cause of death. A lot of folks have experienced a loved parrot just...... going. I know I have. FWIW necropsy must take place within 24 hrs and the body must have been refrigerated, not frozen.

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