4yo female cockatiel


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Oct 30, 2019
Hi, so iv had my cockatiel since just before she was weaned and I had to spoon feed her, iv taught her to step up when she was little and we have a great bond but I never knew you were meant to teach her how to forage or show her how to use toys ect I just honestly thought she just wasnā€™t interested, I have started teaching her to forage for her enrichment part of her diet by putting some shredded paper over a bowl with her tropimix under the paper so she has to dig through it sheā€™s got the hang of this now(only took her like a day and Iā€™m pretty proud) but where do I go from there as I donā€™t want to make it too hard and she gets overwhelmed? Also iv been getting her used to new perches I got her and she seems to not like anything other than extremely sturdy perches and none that require balance ect is there a way for me to get her used to these perches and with like shreddable toys or toys she can chew she isnā€™t interested at all like she doesnā€™t know she can chew them(she chews everything but the stuff I buy for her to chew on) how do I show her itā€™s a toy she can chew? Iā€™m sorry if this is all over the place Iā€™m not the best with writing.


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Apr 14, 2015
Amy a Blue Front 'Zon
Jonesy a Goffins 'Too who had to be rehomed :-(

And a Normal Grey Cockatiel named BB who came home with me on 5/20/2016.
Your baby is still quite young ( a picture would be nice..we LOVE pictures and vids here :04:) Play with her and with the toys..jiggle them in front of her and show her what fun you are having,while talking to her while you do this,and offer her her very most favorite treat when she does something right. ( My BB and most cockatiels love millet)
BB was 4.5 months old when he came home to me and Amy. I showed him his toys when I was setting up his house. He has a very special toy. A pair of shinny dice that has a bell with paper streamers hanging from it. EVERY night as I'm putting him to bed,he'll grab the hanging bell and swing it back and forth as he yells at it,giving it heck,then he beats up the dice with his arms out wide,screeching at them! Its so funny and cute :D
BB also chews EVERYTHING..that beak of his is constantly moving.
edit: Sorry I thought you said she was 4 months old...didn't realise she is 4 YEARS old

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