1. M

    My Cockatiel has Diarrhea.

    My cockatiel has diarrhea. He is constantly plucking his feathers. Can anyone give advice? I live in Turkey and there are extremely few veterinarians who care for birds here. These veterinarians are also far away, unfortunately I don't have a car. That's why I can't take him to the vet.
  2. I

    Struggling with feeding my injured cockatiel. Please help I don't want her to starve

    Two days ago my bird broke her wing and chipped the tip of her beak off. I took her to the vet, the wing got wrapped and they prescribed her meloxicam for the pain and a cream to prevent infection in her broken beak. Physically, she should be fine. The issues are I can barely get her to eat and...
  3. Robin_Jet

    Cockatiel Vomited

    I was studying in the kitchen when my cockatiel must have thrown up on the other side of the kitchen island. My mom and I were talking and didn't see it happen. It took a second for me to realize the sticky mess, partly clear with a little bit of pinkish orangish stuff in it with what I realized...
  4. A

    My cockatiel had red onion, not sure how much

    Hello! I’m usually very careful I don’t cook with my tiels around, this time I got a call and got distracted and my girl Chakri had a left over of onion on top of her beak, I fricked out of course as I know it’s toxic, took the rest off her but I’m sure she had a munch, it’s been now more than...
  5. Head scritches 💟

    Head scritches 💟

    This was kind of a breakthrough with Poppy, earlier this week I was able to scratch her head and this video was a few days after that!! She's less scared of hands now but I think part of that earlier came from the fact that I was putting my hands /in/ her cage. When shes out hands are OK.
  6. Poppy preening

    Poppy preening

  7. Shoulder bird??? Nah, I've got a head bird

    Shoulder bird??? Nah, I've got a head bird

  8. I think Poppy's getting more comfortable with me

    I think Poppy's getting more comfortable with me

  9. masterg174

    P.E.T braided cable sleeves safe?

    Hi everyone, My pet cockatiel Dommi has gotten into the habit lately of chewing cables at my desk or even lately flying down onto the floor of my living room and chewing cables near my TV cabinet. I can solve some cables by tying them up high but some need to be on the desk such as my laptop...
  10. ayahllm

    Aggressive cockateil

    Hey everyone ! First of all I don't really know if this message goes here and if it doesn't im so sorry :') Yesterday I got my first rescue bird, a pretty cockatiel named Bonnie ! I know he went through quite some stuff to say the least. The thing is he is VERY aggressive, which is normal. He...
  11. Libbi24

    Pearly takes a huge step!

    Hi, It’s been a busy few weeks so I haven’t been able to post anything. BUT, today I have some really exciting news! Pearly my cockatiel, who has had some trauma and has major trust issues, has finally decided to trust me enough to step up onto a branch for me today! It has taken me 9 months...
  12. L

    Cage Aggressive Cockatiel

    This is my first post here and wanting to retrain an old cockatiel. Got her from my grandmother. From my knowledge she is about 26 years old and used to be hand trained but while she is on her cage door or inside she will try to warn and bite if you get too close. But the times ive gotten her...
  13. Rico_Tiel

    Rico’s thread

    This is a thread mainly for pictures of Rico! Side eye Smiling for the sick hooman (I’m fine now) I popped a can open, aaaand he flew over to steal some. He doesn’t know how to take from the can, so he sat there waiting for me to grab a chip so he could snatch it.
  14. C

    My cockatiel doesn't have feathers on her inner leg

    The outside is fine, but it looks like dry blood but not a lot. Just specks of it, there's no feathers there. She's recently been dropping feathers that look like pin feathers, there's a gel like texture of light pink at the end of the pin feathers she's dropped. She'll randomly start like...
  15. Rico_Tiel

    Little meme I made

    (If you play L4D this will be even funnier, but it makes sense if you don’t play it!) It happens EVERY TIME he hears me pop open a Pringles can! Regardless of what flavor. He will hang around and stare at me, waiting… he is always there, watching me, waiting for his opportunity to pounce!
  16. Rico_Tiel


    So, I have a budgie (cricket) and I got her in May. I think she’s a she, but now I’m starting to think she might be a he? Anyway… I believe she is mimicking my cockatiel, Rico. And this just started today. She makes a quiet, version of Rico’s fear/angry-at-the-human screech. At least, it sounds...
  17. Redshift hiding at 22_June 17 2023.jpeg

    Redshift hiding at 22_June 17 2023.jpeg

    My old fart of a cockatiel, who i've had since he was 2 months old :) . As of June 17, 2023, he's 22 years old!
  18. Spinach face

    Spinach face

  19. Rico and his Peets!

    Rico and his Peets!

    P E E T S
  20. Rico_Tiel

    Why is my bird so interested in my hair?

    So yeah, title. Rico is REALLY interested in my hair and has been ever since I let him play with my bangs. He lands on my head to play with my hair, and will sometimes hang out on my shoulder and preen the peach fuzz on my face. He even plays with my ear and licks it which is really weird to me...