1. Libbi24

    Pearly takes a huge step!

    Hi, It’s been a busy few weeks so I haven’t been able to post anything. BUT, today I have some really exciting news! Pearly my cockatiel, who has had some trauma and has major trust issues, has finally decided to trust me enough to step up onto a branch for me today! It has taken me 9 months...
  2. T

    I'm a new Eclectus owner (to be) and need ADVICE!

    Hi everyone - I have a male Eclectus that I just agreed to accept for rehome. He's in another state, coming home in a month and I feel like I could use all the advice possible :) He attempted to be used for breeding but didn't produce viable clutches, so the owner decided to let them go. I'm...
  3. ImaParrot

    How do you teach budgies to talk?

    I know that budgies can talk, but my budgies don't imitate me at all. I've been whistling "Happy Birthday" every day for a month or so. Will it just take more time, or do I need to try something else?
  4. BB03

    African grey aggression when training

    Hello, I have recently adopted a 3yo African grey called George from a friend who no longer had time for him. We get along well and George will allow me to put my hand in his cage to change things and will happily let me touch his beak, feet and belly when I put my fingers through the cage and...
  5. A

    Training Treats and Diet

    Sencha, my 16-month-old GCC, has a training session first thing in the morning, six days a week. His favorite treat is safflower seeds, so I use those for training and only for training. The problem is that Sencha is a very good boy! As such, he generally scores a LOT of safflower seeds (maybe a...
  6. I

    Very aggressive Conure

    I have a Green cheeked conure who seems to be extremely comfortable with me,but randomely bites extremely hard, to the point of drawing blood. He is a smart bird, and he often responds to verbal commands like step up and come here. However, he randomely bites my mother and I, and tries biting...
  7. Raz

    Training tips?

    I’ve got two adult jenday conures( why is this always the way I start my posts) and I’m interested in getting them to be recalled trained and up the step up training. They are extremely fast learners and I’m fully prepared to put in the time and effort! They’ve got the special treats and a...
  8. B

    Help with 4 mo old Lineolated

    Hi, I’ve somehow found myself with a 4 month old Lineolated parakeet who was not hand fed as a baby. Any advice on how to bond/socialize with it? I’m just keeping his cage next to me for now. He won’t come near me but seems to be getting comfortable moving about etc with the cage door open. All...
  9. Kitty16

    Can my budgie stop liking me after breaking a constant bonding routine just for 2 days?

    So I’ve been making pretty good progress with my budgies but yesterday I wasn’t really able to play with them for that long because I was at a baseball game for a big part of the day and I painted my nails so I didn’t want the strong smell to harm them in any way, I’m also going to be gone for...
  10. Kitty16

    This hasn’t happened before!

    I just was able to get them both on my finger at the same time! They were there for awhile and I think they’re starting to enjoy when I’m around, I’m also going to order some new toys so they’ll be extra happy, here’s pictures of them when it was happening.
  11. Kitty16

    Spray millet is a huge help!

    First interactions with both of them today and they both went on my hand right away, even Skittle (F) and she’s the most scared, here’s the pictures from this moment, I have one picture of each of them.
  12. A

    Pineapple conure biting during play unsure if it is aggressive

    Hi! I'm very sorry if I do anything wrong here as this is my first time on this site. I have a pineapple conure named April, I just got her hand raised about a month ago. She is usually very cuddly and sweet, however has been biting lately. This brings me to my question. I play a game with her...
  13. Squeeing_Onion

    Adopted IRN - wordy Backstory, Question on his size, & other tidbits

    Heya! Man, it's been a while since I've posted on the forums here, but I've poked my head in now and then over the years to read up on other posts. A handful of you may remember me as my late Sun Conure, Chicken's owner -- I am now a very proud caretaker of a little sassy Green Cheek, Bongo...
  14. S

    Reasons your lovebird is grumpy!!!

    40 years of having and raising Agapornis roseicollis aka Peachfaced Lovebird has taught me a lot! Many thanks to all whom have inspired and instructed me! 1) Boredom Lovebirds get bored easily. Change out toys, even thier most favorite toys, will keep that birdie brain busy! Grooming toys, toy...
  15. P

    One-person bird training help

    Thanks in advance for reading (: I have a (approx) 5 year old Nanday Conure named Mort and she has decided I am her human. She's always been very wary of hands and humans (I know nothing about her life before me & I believe she wasn't socialized with humans at all). She used to like my bf but...
  16. Akramkhan346

    Advise needed for conures

    Hello folks, I am new to this forum and am also a first-time bird owner. came across this forum while searching for some answers over google. Moving further I have a pair of Conures 42 days old (Fluffy and Coco). 1. Now I am feeding then NutriBird A21 (15 ml - Breakfast and Lunch followed by...
  17. Lanlar

    Encouraging Budgies to Explore

    I adopted two young female budgies about 6 months ago and since then we've made good progress toward taming and such, but they're real home bodies and when they're not in their cage they're on top of it or perched on the drapes behind. I feel like my training is being restricted by my birds'...
  18. H

    Never been out of a cage, my first bird

    I just got my first bird three days ago from a privately owned pet store. He's a cockatiel that's just over a year old and I named him Winston. He is an absolute sweetheart and took to me immediately. Within the first 10 minutes of me putting him in his flight cage, he was already eating and...
  19. MissMac


    Hi all, thank you for the lovely welcome. I am proud mum to a 10 week old, Lutino Indian Ringneck called Missy. I hand raised her from 5 weeks, new thing for me, she is now weaning (pretty much off it now... picked at it last night - only time neo food was offered). She is fully flying, landings...
  20. Dois

    Questions on training a clipped fledgling Eclectus.

    Hello, I have recently acquired a ~3-4 month old female Eclectus. The breeder had her clipped and her nails trimmed - which results in her having a hard time balancing and moving around. I want to be able to have her develop well and be fully flighted in the future (I don't plan on clipping...