A Grey pecked dog


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Sep 7, 2006
Here is Bucc giving Jess a very hard time today, he kept saying Step up, step up doggy, and got really ratty when she didn't move. He wanted to go upstairs to see Gemini and Leo, In the end Jemma took him up to see them. When he came down he went back to the stairs and was telling Jess she was a "bad doggy, bad bad doggy, go to bed, bad doggy" lol Jess is so good and takes no notice of him whatsoever.

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Thanks Alison, poor old gal is suffering, Bucc has been telling her to get on her bed all day and the poor things goes there, not sure what she has done wrong. That Bucc is such a brat :D and takes great delight in it all.

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