advice for taming pair of aviary cockatiels


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May 10, 2017
Hi everyone. I have found a person looking to rehome their cockatiels. They are adorable pair of male and female. However the owner says they haven't had time to tame them so they never leave their cage. My main concerns are:

Would having a pair of untamed birds make taming them difficult? As from what I have read pair of birds tend to prefer each other so are less likely to bond with owners.
The fact they don't leave their cage cause any behavioural problems in them that would make owning them difficult? As I have read birds that are not socialised tend pluck feathers or develop other behavioural problems. The birds don appear to have plucked and so would having company prevent this behaviour.
As a male and a female pair, would they be prone to breeding? As I am not a all looking to be breeding birds.

I am grateful for any advice you may have.:grey::yellow1:

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