1. C

    How can i remove nest box from my female eclectus?

    Hi i bring up couple of eclectus(not for breeding), and its first time laying eggs. i think my parrot failed to hatching, because more than a month has passed. i'm trying to remove nest box, but female eclectus dosen't show up her whole body outside(just her head!) so i can't pick her out. How...
  2. K

    Will my irn lay any more eggs?

    So i have a pair of irn. This is their first time laying, the female laid the second egg on thursday and hasnt layied since today is sunday. I am told that they lay eggs every 36 to 48 hours and its been well over 48 hours. Below i atached a screenshot of my hen she seems that she has an egg...
  3. BourkeHaven

    Handfeeding older babies?

    I have a pair that has successfully raised babies before. I keep Bourkes. They had three babies, they abandoned the runt that fell out of the nest before they had feathers, still had an egg tooth he was quite a bit younger. I took him and am handfeeding, they are all old enough they are fledged...
  4. K

    Blue ringneck mate selection

    Hi I have a blue ringneck hen (2022) I whould like to ask what is the best colour to pair her so i can get the most colour combinations?
  5. S

    My sun conures started laying eggs!

    My sun conures have laid two eggs so far! I’m very excited. I want to hand feed them but am unsure at what age to take them from their parents. I have heard different recommendations. Anywhere from when they first hatch to four weeks. Any advice is welcome.
  6. B

    Question(s) on stopping budgies from breeding

    Hello! I need some advice on what to do with a family member and her budgies. She recently moved into our home with 3 budgies that she got from a neighbor (2 males, 1 female, about 5 y/o now). Their cage is on the smaller end (2' L x 3' H x 2' W), but they were never socialized when they were...
  7. N

    Is this Rosella Hybrid possible?

    I was wandering if a Hybrid between a Crimson Rosella and a Blue-rumped parrot is possible? They are part of 2 different Subfamilies, but are part of the same family, I have seen pictures on the Internet of a Rainbow Lorikeet and a Crimson Rosella Hybrid but I’m not sure if it is real, the...
  8. Zilaxia

    Cockatiel Babies Coming Soon

    My cockatiels have..."done the deed" many times since Lucy flew away (thanks a lot dad) and they're gonna be parents soon. Of course ill be getting a new cage for the 2 babies I will be keeping, (I didn't even want two more parrots, I just wanted to keep Lucy, thanks again DAD.) and will be...
  9. P

    African Grey' When to introduce nest

    I have almost 2 years old African Grey. What you guys think I should introduce nest box as they are chewing almost all the woods and perches,feeding each others. Regards,
  10. H

    My 2 Quaker parrot siblings want to Mate, what do i do?

    Hi everyone, as many of you know i found a nest of 3 quaker parrots without parents being around when they were just a week old, now they are 3 months old and beautiful and loving as ever, i have asked on this forum before if i should have seperated them while young so that they would be able to...
  11. K

    Am i doing things right

    Hi, new member here. I got worried when a friend's parot sudenly died. I have an alexanderine parrot that i named Alex because why not. I feed him vegetables like carots and cucumbers (pic atached bellow) .I change the bowl every day. I also change the water once a day, the water temperature is...
  12. E

    Cockatiel eggs pipping questions please any advice

    I currenting have 5 eggs incubating in a homemade incubator everything that is needed for the eggs have been met as all 5 have life. Now the first egg has started pipping 28 hours ago . It still only has a small hole. I have tried to read and do research on the matter but not much is found. I...
  13. D

    Sun Conure Hormone Issues

    Hey, I'm kind of new to forums and not too sure as to how you use them. Please let me know if I am doing anything wrong. However, I do have a question. About 2 weeks ago, my mom brought my birds to a boarding place. We left for a week and picked them up 2 days after we got home. (The place was...
  14. W

    Lovebird laid 2 eggs! When can I take them out?

    Hi guys, long story short: Whiskey laid 2 eggs which is adorable. They are clearly duds (we checked) but we left them for her of course so she can take care of them and follow her nature. I read that they usually abandon them after 3 weeks but it´s been 4 weeks now and she´s still all over...
  15. A

    Conures won't breed a second time

    My conures bred over a year, but they don't breed a second time. I keep thinking they are gona breed cause they eat lots of calcium and feed each other then randomly stop. I've tried increasing lighting, giving supplement, things to shred. But they are not breeding. Any advice? Btw I have bred...
  16. R

    Illigers macaw breeding

    Hi, Does anyone have a female Illigers that they want to try breeding? Thanks, Rocky
  17. A

    Pairing African Greys

    Hi, I am wanting to start breeding CAG birds sometime in the future and I am wanting to ideally buy 2 young birds and after afew years and they are old enough let them start breeding in my Avery. Just wondering at what age can I expect to see if the birds pair up? Like will they only start...
  18. M

    New To breeding ! Purchased my first breeding pair

    Hey guys nice to meet use ive been doing my research for a week now getting tips to keep my pair healthy and stay breeding.. here is my set up i also have questions to ask... (Wild pair ) +7 years of age. Can I have more than 1 pair in my avairy without a visual barrier? Just 2 nest box one on...
  19. A

    Multiple Conure pairs

    Hi, I have an Avery and am wanting to buy a pair of sun conures and Green cheek conures and put them in it together and am just wondering if the birds will be okay with each other. Thanks
  20. M

    Breeding HELP...!

    Hey guys. I am new here. I have a pair of cockatiels that I house outdoors. I cover their cage at night, anyways, They had a clutch of eggs a few months ago. One baby hatched but they let it die like a day or two later. Then about a month later I believe they had a second clutch of eggs and...